Saturday, 29 June 2013

Happy Canada Day!

The month of June has flown by!  We had a fantastic trip to Greece for two weeks!  Our friend, who is Greek-Canadian, has a home in a small village north of Athens.  He took us to some of the most beautiful and out-of-the-way places!  This is a picture of Porto Germano ( - one of the favorite places of our Greek hosts!

Clear blue waters at Porto Germano - the most beautiful beach in Greece according to some!

We came back to a disaster situation in Southern Alberta - heavy rains and melting snow caused massive flooding all around the area.  Fortunately we were not directly affected - and, as always, quilters have stepped up to the plate.  Quilts for Calgary (they have a FB page) will be collecting quilts and distributing to people who have lost their homes.  Local long-armers are donating their time to get the quilts ready for distribution - it's a massive job!  

I've been busy at the studio since returning - the quilts keep coming in! Here's a few that I've worked on since returning from Greece -

Danielle put together this scrappy top - it's a great way to cut into that stash!  Glide Thread; Antique Lace panto - Patricia Ritter  (one of my new faves!)

  Last time I spoke with Danielle, she was under evacuation and just waiting to hear when she could return home - and of course, assess the damage!  I wish her all the best under the circumstances.

Fran is one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet - I love the way this quilt came together.

Fran's quilt hanging out with Freeda

Not the colours of fabric that I would chose - but put together like this it is just awesome!  When I was quilting it in the studio, I got many positive comments!  Glide Thread; Garden Frills panto - Jodi Beamish

My great-niece, Taylor, graduated from high school this week - and with Honours I have to add!  I made this quilt for her (requested by Grandma) so she can have it when she goes to university in the fall - I didn't have a lot of time to put it together, and the only thing I was told was that it had to be bright.  I used Urban Cabin pattern by Atkinson Designs with a selection of Laurel Burch fabrics - I love Laurel Burch fabrics!  Glide Thread; freehand "swirly hearts" . . .  Congratulations, Taylor - so proud of you!
Taylor's Urban Cabin

Urban Cabin - close up

Urban Cabin - backing - Laurel Burch fabrics

This is the Canada Day long weekend - Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Getting finished before heading to Greece!

Yes - tomorrow I'll be on my way to Greece - via Frankfurt - I'm always amazed at how small the world is now with air travel and internet.  I'll be able to keep in touch will all my family and friends just as if I was at home in my jammies . . . but - I'll be in Greece!!!

I had a few quilts to finish before heading off -

Sherri's Stack and Whack Kaleidescope quilt - made with Laurel Burch fabrics - it was pretty wild!  I quilted it with Glide thread - freehand swirls (cat tails) in the kaleidescope, and swirls in the sashings and borders.

Sherri's Kaleidescope - wow!

Sherri's Kaleidescope - close up

Sherri holding up her Kaleidescope - those are her feet!
 Next up was a totally different quilt - a very country home-like nine-patch variation made by Barb.  I quilted it with Wonderfil Konfetti Thread (100% cotton) and Garden Frills panto (Jodi Beamish)

Barb's Quilt - love the home like country feel

Barb's quilt - close up Garden Frills panto

Barb's Quilt hanging with Freeda - I'm loving the way the studio is looking today!
Here are two of  Heather's quilts - the first is such a beautiful teal color arrangement - there was a lot of "busy" fabric in this quilt, so the quilting just gave it the right amount of texture.  Fil-tec glide thread; Taro panto

Heather's Teal quilt hanging on the studio wall

Heather's teal Quilt

Heather's Teal Quilt hanging with Freeda - wait a minute . . . where is Freeda???

Heather's second quilt was more Autum-like colors - how beautiful!  Light custom with different fills in the blocks and sashings; feather borders; Glide Thread

Oops, a little off centre but you get the idea!

Close up - blocks

Heather's Autumn colours - close up blocks and sashing

and last up for a few weeks . . . . Louise's Hawaiian quilt - made for her friend  whose favorite place is Hawaii . .  . I used Glide Lemon Ice thread just to give texture - and my new favorite panto - Clematis by - you guessed it - Jodi Beamish!  I have to say, Jodi has a great selection of panto designs!  This pattern looks like a great way to use those scraps that we just can't part with . . .so simple, but sooooo effective!

Louise's Hawaiian Quilt - Clematis panto

Louise's Hawaiian Quilt hanging with Freeda

Louise's Hawaiian Quilt

WOW - no wonder I'm tired!  So tomorrow I'm off to Greece - an amazing step back in time - and looking forward to a wonderful time! 

 Until I return, στην υγειά σας from the Little House!!!

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