Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that . . .

Here's some photos of Judy's Sampler Quilt.  A "sampler" quilt  is constructed of a collection of blocks in different patterns, usually with no pattern repeated.  So, I armed myself with Deloa Jones' book "Sampler Solutions", my new favorite ruler - the Rope-a-dope, Deloa's Castle and Boomerang and jumped in!  Here's the result -

Cross hatching and Curved Cross Hatching


Judy's Sampler Quilt

This was quite a challenge for me - trying new ideas and techniques.  I had so much fun doing this - well, not the same kind of fun as my "girlfriend time" last week in London, Ontario - but you get the idea!   Let me know what you think . . . .  

Now that the creative juices were flowing, I challenged myself again with the wild colored quilt called "Mod Squad".  In keeping with the sixties theme of the fabric, I figured flowers and loops would be appropriate - and of course, freehand.  The bright "Glide" thread looks great against the black borders - one with a ribbon design - and the outer border in "piano keys".   Man, am I having fun, dude!!! 

Mod Squad - close up

Mod Squad - borders

Mod Squad
I wonder what Pete, Julie and Linc would think of this - if your old enough to remember ......   

....... until next time "peace, man" from the Little House . . .

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fabric Challenge Wall Hanging

 A few months ago, I purchased some fabric as part of a Fabric Challenge for Country Creations - a quilt shop outside of Strathmore, Alberta.  The rules were simple - you could make whatever you wanted, add more fabric if you wanted, but you had to use at least half the fabric provided  for the challenge. 
Fabric for Challenge - Brown, Brown/Orange/Yellow, Red, Gold

 The colors were very Autumn like - so I decided add to the fabric from my stash and put together this wall hanging called "Falling Leaves".  I used my new Deloa Jones' Rope-a-dope ruler for the border and did a leaf-type pantograph in the Bargello section.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I'll be taking the quilt to Country Creations next week for display at their sale on July 16th . . . . there's no judging but it'll be interesting to see what other quilters did with the same fabric.
Falling Leaves wall hanging

Falling Leaves - close up

Falling Leaves - Close up of Rope Border 

I know it's a little early for fall colors, but I with the kind of weather we've been having this year, you just never know when summer will be over at the Little House!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hot times in the Little House . . . . .

Hot times is right - and in more ways than one: 
  1. It's July, and summer really has arrived!  The temperature has reached the mid to high 20s for the past few days.   The flowers are luvin' it and so am I !  Looks like we might have a few big thunder clouds building in the Alberta sky - could be in for some excitement!
  2. Stampede starts tomorrow - always a good time in Old Cow Town (aka Calgary, Alberta - home of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth) . . . AND . . .
  3. . . . the hottest couple on the planet are here in Calgary - William and Kate!
  4. We had the grandkids here for a week - ages 3,2,and 1 - need I say more? !
  5. and, last, but not least, I have a couple more quilts to show off to you!
Here's a "Scrappy Stars" quilt by Stephanie.  I luv the way it came together - Stephanie chose the Pantograph "Japonica" by Keryn Emmerson; Glide thread.  

" Scrappy Hearts"

"Scrappy Hearts"

"Scrappy Hearts" close up - Japonica panto

"Scrappy Hearts" backing - a nice cozy flannel

Here's another on of Stephanie's quilts - "Purple/Gold Stars".  I really like the way it turned out!  Linda Taylor panto called "Peacock Meandering"; Glide thread.

"Purple/Gold Stars"

"Purple/Gold Stars" - close up  Peacock Meandering panto

"Purple/Gold Stars"

"Purple/Gold Stars" backing - another cozy flannel

 I have a few more quilts ready for Lenni, so I better get at it!  Stay tuned as more will be coming from the Little House very soon!  Take care and stay cool!

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