Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finished just in time . . . .

Little House Creations will be closed until February 23, 2012 while I recharge my batteries with some much needed sun, sand and surf! 

My last project before heading off was a challenge, to say the least - on and off Lenni a few times - and lots of picking out stitches.  Lenni and I were having some "issues" - but we're over it and getting along just fine now.  I guess that happens in any relationship, eh?

You may not believe it, but I would say I worked over 20 hrs on just the quilting . . . glad it's done and all in all, pretty happy with it.  It's not perfect, but I learned a few things and it's for me, so only I will know  ;)  . . . I'll call it "Scrappy" for more reasons than the fabric!  Hobbs Wool Batting; Fil-tec Glide thread on top; Bottom Line in Bobbin.

Scrappy - just off the frame

Scrappy - full view

The colors in "Scrappy" are mostly earthy tones, so I carried a leaf pattern in the borders and in some of the blocks.  Each of the blocks has been quilted with different quilting motifs and patterns.  Just a sampling . . . (click on the pictures for a larger view).

Scrappy has three borders . . .
Scrappy - Leaf Borders Close Up

and the coolest thing is the way the quilting shows on the back . . . I think I can see a "Whole Cloth" in my future quilting . . .

Scrappy - backing

Scrappy - back

Scrappy - backing

The Chinook has finally arrived - it was only -10 when I hung Scrappy out on the line . . . and it is supposed to be above freezing by tonight.  I better go drag out the suitcases and start packing - shorts (check); sandals (check); snorkling gear (check); bathing suit (ugh!!!)!   I will be back with more quilty pleasures (that's Quilty, not Guilty) at the end of February.  Do you think winter might be almost over by then?

PS:  Lenni is feeling bad so I put a picture of her with Scrappy - she's way at the back, pouting cause I'm leaving her behind . . .  jeez, do you think she'll miss me when I'm gone? 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pay it forward . . .

Last year, I signed up for a "pay it forward" - My sister-in-law, Tracy, agreed to make me a hand made item, and in turn, I had to agree to make a hand made item for 4 people, who in turn, would make hand made items for others, and so on, and so on. 

The item I received was a framed picture of the original farm yard where my husband grew up.  His grandmother was a painter, and when the aerial photo faded, she just painted over it!  Tracy had it reframed for us as her "pay it forward". 

My Pay it Forwards were quilted table runners -

Great pattern using Charm Squares called "Framed 4-Patch" by Heather Mulder Peterson 

The pattern that I used for most of these three is Moda Marbles Stars Tablerunner - designed by Fat Quarter Shop .  It's easy to make, and shows off best using contrasting colors.  

I really like this concept of Pay it Forward . . . you just never know!

So, what else is new at Little House?  Well, I now have a Bobbin Cam - not a Nanny cam, or a Webcam, but a Bobbin Cam.  The "cam" is attached to the bottom of Lenni the Long Arm with a monitor on the top.  I can check my bobbin stitching without crawling under the machine with a flashlight.  Another great advantage is I can install another "cam" which focuses directly on the laser dot when I do pantos - so I can do pantos from the front of the machine - WOW!  I haven't got all the bugs worked out yet as I'm still getting used to looking at a monitor while I quilt instead of the panto design, but it'll come.  Actually, it kind of makes me "sea sick", but like anything, I just have to get used to it - kind of like learning to use a computer mouse for the first time - remember that?  Next post I'll put up some pictures but if you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out Sparrow Studioz as Matt is the Canadian distributor of the Bobbin Cam. . . . and, while I'm thinking about Sparrow Studioz , I'll be signing up to take some more Long Arm Quilting Classes from another internationally renowned Quilter - Claudia Pfeil at Matt's Studio in Edmonton in August - such a treat!!!

Until next time, think about Paying it Forward -

from the Little House . . .

Lots of pics . . . it's been a whole month!!!

Happy New Year - (better late than never!)

It's hard to believe it's already past the middle of January and I've been very lazy about posting on the blog.   Christmas has come and gone, winter has arrived here in full force (-29 degrees Celsius today), and back to the wonderful world of quilting. 

Some of the quilts done over the past month . . .

This gorgeous quilt is Judy's Mystery Quilt.  I love the color and fabric selection Judy made - it really is one of my favorites.  Glide Thread; Damask Feathers panto by Urban Elementz.  Have I mentioned that Urban Elementz is one of my favorite on-line stores to buy pantos? They have a great selection - and lots of variety.

Judy's Mystery Quilt - queen sized so the only way to get a full picture was to hang it on the line!
I think I need to look at my camera - either the lens has something on it, or it's just foggy from the cold, but these pictures do not do this quilt justice.  The colors are stunning!

Another gorgeous quilt by Danielle.  This quilt was so nicely pieced and a pleasure to quilt.  I used Glide thread that blended in very nicely; Double Plume panto by Keryn Emmerson (another one of my favorite panto designs!)

Danielle's Burgundy PinWheels

Burgundy PinWheels -  Close up
Burgundy PinWheels - close up of back showing panto design

To something totally different - a bright and cheery baby quilt for Sasha!  Orange, green, purple, pink, white, yellow - you name the color, it's in this little quilt.  Moda Fabric (Deb Strain), Cotton Candy Glide Thread; Freehand designs . . .

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt

Close up - Pin Wheel Baby Quilt

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt - Close up of Border

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt - backing

.... and last for now, a "charming" lap quilt using Moda 5" charm squares (Collections for a Cause - Heritage); Fil-tec Glide thread; Wisteria panto by Urban Elementz; wool batting - creates great definition for the quilting!

Half Century Lap Quilt ;)

Wisteria Panto - Half Century Lap Quilt

Backing - Wisteria Panto

Ready for a cuddle . . .

Wisteria Panto/Wool Batting - great definition for the quilting, light weight and warm!

I think that's enough for this post - the kettle is whistling so I'll make a cup of tea and curl up with a quilt and a good book.  I'm reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay . . . it's kind of "dark" so far - and I have a feeling it won't get a lot lighter because one review says "It will make you cry - and remember".  What good books are you reading??
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