Friday, 20 December 2013

Time for a Christmas break . . .

I took all my "swoon" pieces over to Kimberley last week with great hopes of spending some quality swoon time, but not to be . . . with playing with the grandkids, going to Christmas concerts (the pre-Ks and Ks were just awesome) AND forgetting to pack my sewing machine (!) - it just didn't get done!

I was busy right up til I left . . . as you can see . . .

Paulines Buzz Saw quilt - I tried to make spirals in the centres, and points on the buzz saw blades.  It wasn't perfect, but looks great - Pauline was happy and I'm sure her friend will be thrilled when he gets this gift!

Here is another one of Carolyn's beauties - another king sized quilt, too! Scrappy Hearts -  Perfectly square and a pleasure to quilt.  Glide thread; Antique Lace panto.  It's hard to tell the front from the back - she's an amazing quilter!

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts - back

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts - close up

and then there's this beauty pieced by Tamara - her husband picked the fabrics - what an amazing combination of batiks!  Glide Thread Light Olive; free hand Swirl/Feather design

Tamara's Batik Circles

Tamara's Batik Circles - close up

Tamara's Batik Circles - hangin' with Freeda

...... and last for this post, Tara's beautiful little Hands and Hearts quilt.  Tara took her families hands, traced them on fabric, cut them out and raw edge appliqued to the quilt - in the shape of a heart!  How cute is that!!! This must be for someone very special.    Glide Thread; freehand design

A family of hands . . .

Tara's quilt - hands in a heart
I might have a few more pics to post before Christmas, but just in case - I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to all the beautiful quilts that will come my way in 2014.

Betty's Table Runner - close up

Friday, 13 December 2013

Swooning . . .

Definition of "Swoon" . . .

  1. swoon

    1. 1.
      faint from extreme emotion.
      "I don't want a nurse who swoons at the sight of blood"


    1. 1.
      an occurrence of fainting.
      "her strength ebbed away and she fell into a swoo

Well, I guess I've fallen into a "swoon"  - I love these swoon quilts (it's kind of like a cult!) . . . if you google swoon quilts, you'll see what I mean - they are everywhere.  The pattern for swoon quilts is really very easy . . . HST, FG and squares . . . how easy is that!  AND, the blocks are 24" - huge!  Go to Thimble Blossoms to get the actual pattern.  Talk about instant gratification - you can order the pattern on line and get the pdf right in your mailbox - and you can get swooning right now! 

So, what does a swoon look like - here is Heather's.  I love the fabrics and colour choices!  I quilted it with a Baptist Fan panto - Glide Thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting . . .
Heather's Swoon Quilt - Baptist Fan Panto

Heather's Swoon

Swoon on Freeda . . . in  progress

I'm hooked - already have the fabric cut for my Swoon . . . I'll be piecing it this week when I go to Kimberley to spend some time with the grandkids (I hope they go to bed early!)  Here's the beginning . . . .

Start of my Swoon!
I've decided to go with 9 - 1/2 yard cuts instead of 18 fat quarters . . . we'll see how it goes!

aaaahhhh  . . . . Swoon!

I'll keep you posted on how my swoon is going at the Little House . . . it shouldn't be a problem to get it together this week.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A splash of colour . . .

It's warming up a bit here - we should be around -8 degrees Celsius tomorrow, which is so much more comfortable than -29 . . . and, the sun is shining.  It's almost the Winter Solstice - just two more weeks and then the days start getting longer ------ I can't wait!  (can you tell I'm not a winter person!)

Here are a few colourful quilts I've had through the Little House over the past few weeks . . .

Becky's Twister Quilt . 

Becky's Twister Quilt - close up

Louise's Yellow/Greys . . . Flying Paisley's Panto; Glide thread

Louise's Quilt - Wonky Stars hanging in the background

Louise's Quilt - Backing close up

Lois's Golden Leaves - Falling Leaves Panto; Glide Thread Military Gold

Kristen's Butterfly Quilt Hangin' with Freeda

Kristen's Butterfly Quilt - Close Up - Spring Thing Panto; Glide Thread Teal

Megan's Baby Quilt -- Spring Fling Panto; Glide Thread Turf

Megan's Baby Quilt hangin' with Freeda

Megan's Baby Quilt - backing - love this!

Fran's Colourful Quilt - Rosie Panto; Aurifil Variegated Turquoise Thread

Fran's Coourful Quilt -  see the Swoon in the background . . . next post!

We have a renter coming to the studio tomorrow to work on her queen sized quilt - very ambitious!  It should be a fun day!

Hope you enjoyed the colourful quilts from the Little House!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Flip Flop quilt . . .

Yesterday we hit a record low temperature for this date!  Baby, it's cold out there . . . . we had a doozy of a blizzard on Monday, and then the temperatures have just plummeted and add in the wind chill, it's just plain nasty.

But, Chris's Flip Flop quilt to the rescue - this should warm up any room - and dreams!
Fil-tec Glide Thread; Freemotion designs in borders; stipple around flip flops; wave design in pieced sashings  -was was great fun to quilt - Thanks, Chris!

Chris's Flip Flop Quilt - loaded on  Freeda

Close up of stitching

Hangin' with Freeda

Close up of Flip Flops

Flip Flop Quilt - close up of stitching

Just heading out to warm up the car before heading to the studio . . . another full day of quilting!  I'm almost through all my pre-Christmas quilt . . . stay warm everyone - wherever you are!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

It's official - Brenda is the quilting queen!

Brenda works at Addie's Creative Fabrics, and if you want to know the truth, I think she just works for fabric (sound familiar?)

For Christmas this year, Brenda made almost everyone in her family a quilt . . . can you believe it? !!!  I've quilted 6 quilts for her just this month, and I think she's got a few more to go . . . do you want to be in Brenda's family????  Who wouldn't!

 Way to go, Brenda - your family is going to love these.  (and by the way, I have one more that I didn't get pictures of, and my studio partner Betty Anne quilted another for Brenda AND . . . she's putting together at least one more before Christmas!)
Have a great day - from the Little House . . .

Feel good quilt. . .

Celeste's mother was an avid quilter - in fact, she left many completed quilts for her children and grandchildren to enjoy.  She also left unquilted tops  - this is one of them.  Celeste wanted it quilted so she could use it - and honour her mom's great talent.

I quilted it CC (continuous curves) - throughout . . . it just looked great when it was all done.  Sometimes less is more . . . Filtec Glide Thread; Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batting .

Celeste's quilt hangin' with Freeda

Continuous Curve - close up

Celeste's Quilt (with binding added) ---- studio's looking good!

and . . . sometimes less is more . . . this quick and easy charm quilt is quilted with a simple meander - that's all it needed to look great!  Do you agree?

November and December are busy months at Little House . . . I'll post more pictures for you when I can . . . and then I'll be away February and March . . . aaahh - the sun and sand are calling me!  Wait til you see the "flip flop" quilt I'm doing tomorrow . . . .!

Friday, 29 November 2013

In defense of the Pantograph ,. . .

Sometimes pantograph quilting gets a bad rap . . . I mean really, a bad rap! 

Yes, pantograph quilting is predictable, and yes, it can at times be down right mind-numbing . . . BUT, it's an efficient and economical method of turning quilt tops into their intended purpose . . . a useable quilt!

And, there are so many different pantographs . . . the choice of design and thread is part of the creative process!  My customers and I decide on the quilting together - based on budget, piecing elements, use of the quilt and personal preference.

I know many, many quilters (piecers) that want consistent, predictable quilting - at an affordable price . . . and that's what pantograph quilting can offer for them.  Don't get me wrong, I love custom quilting, and exploring the endless possibilities of free motion designs, but there is a place for the pantograph, too.

OK, I feel better now!

Happy Quilting!

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