Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Lorax . . . a very smart creature!

But now," says the Once-ler, "now that you're here, the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear. UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
 “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” 

Before Christmas, I made three very special "Lorax" quilts - for three very special boys in my life. 

Lorax quilts - 1 2 and three . . . I am the Lorax - I speak for the trees!

Backings as soft as can be . . . for those boys three!

 OK - so back to the present . . .

And it fits right into the nature/environment theme - Julie's Flannel cozy lap quilt . . . .
Freehand swirls . . .

Playing with designs in the centre panel . . .

Julie's Flannel - hanging out with Freeda

Kim gave me three quilts to finish for her - but for some reason I can only find pictures of one of them - Sorry Kim!!  I loved quilting this pretty pink and white and black floral quilt for Kim.  Freehand feathers - glide thread - it just brings the quilt top to a whole new dimension.  Kim loved it!
Kim's pink/black floral

Kim's Pink/black floral - close up

Freehand feathers - close up of backing
Janet Byl, owner of Addie\s Creative Fabrics and her staff gave me this beautiful bouquet of spring flowers to welcome me to the shop - how lucky am I???  Thanks so much Janet and all the staff at Addies - they are great!
and . . . my little goosey friend is still up there on the bales!

Have a great week everyone!  I'm 100% committed to Freeda now, as my work with Hospice Calgary  has come to an end - what a fantastic organization and a real amazing experience for me . . . can't say enough about the work that they do and how great it was to be part of their world for the last 18 months or so! 
I have a busy week coming up - and . . . did I tell you I finished piecing my Judy Neimeyer Prairie Star this weekend!!! .... and am I an expert now on Y-seams . . . NOT!  but I did the best I could. . . . Now, to find the time to get it on Freeda . . . I can't wait!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Is it Saturday - again? already?

WOW - how time flies!  I guess it's because I've been kind of busy - what with my one job winding down, and my time with Freeda ramping up, it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day right now.  I'm not complaining - it's just the way it is . . . Saturdays are a great day to be long arming at Addies - tho to be honest, not the most productive day for quilting - but a great day for talking with potential customers and just hanging out in a really awesome space!

The "monster quilt" - this is absolutely the cutest quilt I have had the pleasure of working on.  Rose is giving it to her grandson - what a lucky boy!  I'm pretty sure this is a Sue Garman quilt  that was sold as a block of the month a few years ago.

Rose's Monster Quilt (Sue Garman Pattern)

Close up of one monster - each square was quilted differently

Another close up of a monster

Rose's Monster Quilt - borders and blocks

Rose's Monster Quilt - Borders

Rose's Monster Quilt - hanging out with Freeda

This  next quilt has the most amazing story - it was pieced by Barbara for her granddaughter- her first quilt ever - and she's 87 years young!  Barbara was so pleased with the quilting - I'm pretty sure she's caught the quilting bug like the rest of us so I expect to see more from her!

Barbara's First Quilt - hanging with Freeda

Barbara's First Quilt - Terry Twists in the 9-patch squares

Barbara's First Quilt - large squares - leaves and flowers

And speaking of first quilts, my sister made a quilt last year using fabric from her kids clothing, husbands shirts, etc. using the  mile-a-minute piecing technique on Edith's blog ((Mile a Minute tutorial) - and yes, this was also her first quilt . . .

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - hanging out in Victoria, BC

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up free hand quilting

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - colours of the coast

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up of back

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up of borders

Pretty great quilt made of old clothing pieces . . . and a lot of  <3   - something that will be treasured!

Have a good week everyone - and by the way - it's STILL snowing! 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

On and off Freeda in the past week . . .

It's been a busy time at the Little House - now that Freeda lives in a quilt shop, there's been lots of interest by customers wanting to know about long arming - and I'm happy to share what I know.  Actually, it gives a few of the men something to do while their quilting partners are busy searching for that just right piece of fabric ..... you quilters know exactly what I mean! 

The quilts that I have the opportunity to work on don't get any hang time out at the farm now, tho.  Customers drop them off and pick them up right at Addies.  I can hang quilts on the beautiful veranda at the store, but honestly, the weather has not been cooperating - not one bit!  Today it's snowing and blowing and we must have been gifted with at least a foot of new snow overnight - ugh!

But . . . remember the goose that has nested on the hay bales for the past two years?  Well, she's back - although, I'm sure she's wondering why on a day like today.  When I drove up to get this picture, she was sitting tall and straight, but as soon as I got the camera out she curled up in a ball - but she is there . . . I'll try to get a better photo once the snow goes!

Back to quilting - here's a photo journey of the quilts that were on and off Freeda's frame over the past week or so . . .

Brenda's Stack 'n Whack

Roses Log Cabin with a star -

Rose's Log Cabin - Ribbons and Roses panto - Glide Thread

Janice's Nine Patch and Squares - a gift for her son!

Freehand design - So-Fine thread

Judy's Hunter Star - absolutely stunning!


Cher;y Dinosaurs

Cheryl's Dinosaurs - Freehand design; Glide thread

I've also got the cutest Monster Quilt on Freeda right now - just waiting for the OK from Rose that it's finished -  so no sneak peeks yet - next time. 

The line up for quilts includes a cozy flannel lap quilt, a charity quilt for Project Somos Children's village, two modern lap quilts, a couple of shop samples; a Celestial Stars beauty; a queen 9-patch and a sentimental memory quilt made from shirts . . . every quilt has a story!

Until next time - can someone please talk nicely to Mother Nature and ask for some real spring weather . . .  please!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh, baby, baby . . . .

I guess spring is the time for babies - out here by Water Valley, all the little calves are enjoying the spring weather and some of the migrating birds are back - still waiting for a robin  tho.  I know the hummingbirds won't return til close to the end of May.   The geese are flying overhead scouting out the best nesting sites - I wonder if we will have one on the hay bales again this year?

I had 5 baby quilts to get Freeda broken in - and I have to say - I LOVE Freeda!  What do I love about her??  - tension is perfect, motion is smooth as butter, M bobbin lets me go forever without a bobbin change, handles are ergonomically perfect for me, controls in just the right spot, the automatic power advance saves so much time and energy . . . I could go on and on - really, I could . . . but I better show you my baby quilts instead.  They are just cute and simple - just what I needed to get the feel of the new machine.

Gwen made these three little quilts - Freehand designs, Fil-tec Glide thread top and "M" bobbin (!)

Freeda's looking right at home . . . .

Have a peak at these cute little appliqued quilts - one for a special little girl, and one for a special little boy  - Freehand designs in the appliqued blocks, continuous curves in the rest; Fil-tec Glide thread.

Boy quilt - close up

Side by Side with Freeda

Locating Little House Creations with Freeda (the longarm) into Addies Creative Fabrics has been a great move!  People are very interested in the machine, how it works, and excited about getting their quilt tops completed - all in all it's been a very positive experience!

I have at least 10 quilts in the que - so I'll be kept busy over the next few weeks until I can devote my time fully to quilting - right now I am committed to another project for a few more weeks.  Happy Spring and here's to new beginnings!  

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