Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Summer of 2015 - July - Part one

July started out with a beautiful display at Addies Creative Fabrics . . . each July 1st, the Big Hill Springs Quilt Guild puts on a "veranda" display at Addies.  It was a gorgeous day for viewing many gorgeous quilts. . . . I took a photos of some of my faves, but certainly not all the quilts.  They were all beautiful!

I don't have the names of the quilters . . . but I hope you enjoy the pictures.


So, that was just a sample of the quilts at the Veranda show - what a great way to celebrate Canada Day!  I look forward to it every year  :)
Then, I packed my overnight bag and headed up the QE2 to Edmonton to spend two days at Sparrow Studioz with the amazingly talented Lisa Calle.  Here are some pictures of Lisa's quilting . . . small but mighty!

If you ever get a chance to see Lisa's work - I guarantee you'll be amazed!!!
So, while I was at Sparrow Studioz, I took a look around at some of the quilting eye candy on the walls . . .
A gorgeous Swoon Quilt - quilted by YEG Quilter (Sheila)

Close up of Swoon Quilt by YEG Quilter

Another of YEG Quilter's pieces - I think it's called Secret Garden

Quilting by Kathleen Riggins - (Kathleen Quilts)

Sample of Karlee Porter's Graffiti Quilting . . . !!!!!

 and then I looked around at the d├ęcor - pillows with amazing quilting designs!

 When I got home, I did up a sampler of quilting designs - inspired by Lisa Calle's classes - and started on my own design for my Mexican Star wall hanging . . . it's not finished yet, but will be soon.

...... and that's just part one of July . . . it's been a busy summer at the Little House!


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I forgot about the month of May!!!

When I was catching up on my blog last week, I missed the month of May!  That just won't do - because May's quilts deserve there spot at the Little House! 

Char designed and pieced this bright quilt for her daughter - it is king sized - a very generous king sized quilt!  It has a very modern look so we decided to quilt it using Bauhaus panto; Glide thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Char's quilt backing

Julie made a quilt for one of her grandchildren . . . really cute little owl quilt!  I think Julie designed this one herself as well - Hearts in Bloom panto; Glide thread

Julie's quilt - Backing
 Cheryl's quilt is made with very bright colors - I just love this look!  We decided on Dragonfly Pond panto - it's perfect for this quilt.  I especially like the little border piecing . . . really nice addition to an already nice piece! 

Barb had me quilt another "First Saturday" quilt from Addies Creative Fabrics.  Nice warm feel with these Kansas Troubles fabrics . . . Wisteria panto; Glide thread

I love the subtle colors in Barb's baby quilt . . . soft and sweet.  Aurifil Variegated Cotton Thread; Wisteria Panto

Barb's baby quilt - Minkee backing

..... and yet another baby quilt - Karen's Polka Dot Bow Ties . . . simple and sweet!  Spiral Rings panto; Glide thread

Karen's Bow Ties . . . backing - so cute!!

There, I feel better now . . . I don't think I've missed anybody!  Next post is July . . . and Lisa Calle's classes at Sparrow Studioz - so inspirational!!! 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Summer of 2015 - June

Summer of 2015 is pretty much over now . . . you may think that I've not been very busy, but in reality, this has been a whirlwind summer.  We were spending two weeks each month in beautiful Kimberley, BC - which gave me plenty of time to piece quilts of my own, but limited the time I could spend with Freeda and customer quilts.  But, looking back at all my photos, I really did get quite a bit done.  Let's start with the month of June . . .

I am trying to do one "custom" quilt per month (well, actually this summer it's been per 2 weeks!) - so in June, the custom quilt was Bonnie's Double Wedding Ring (last post). 

Jill's baby quilt - such cute fabrics!!  This was quilted using freehand 3s and es - a simple pattern but so practical on a baby quilt that's going to be washed, dragged around and cuddled in.  Glide Thread

Jills's baby quilt - 3s and es

My customer, Alice, was busy again!  She put together this gorgeous mix of pastel batiks in a quilt for her granddaughter.  Dragonfly pond panto; glide thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting
Alice's Dragonfly Pond

Alice's Dragonfly Pond - close up

Alice's Dragonfly Pond - flannel backing
 and another Grandma hard at work - this is Julie's Dr. Seuss quilt that she made for her grandson.  I love the polka dot fabric she used for the sashing!  This was quilted using a variety of freehand designs - I just 'winged' it and quilted each block differently and bubble sand swirls in the sashings. I never get tired of Dr. Seuss!! 

Gale's quilt is for a wedding gift - lucky couple!  I quilted one just like it for her a couple of years ago - you can see that one here.  The appliqued flowers look great on the black and white background.  I stitched around each of the appliques, and then freehand swirls in the rest. 

Louise's also made a quilt as a wedding gift - this one is made from a the Downton Abbey Collection of fabrics - such great colors!!!  Glide Thread; Antique Lace panto; Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Louise Downton Abbey quilt

Louise Downton Abbey Quilt

Louise Downton Abbey Quilt - backing
 Quilters are very generous . . . . another grandson quilt - this time made by Jean.  It's a monster truck panel, so we went with the Bauhaus panto - great choice as it kind of looks like roadways.  Glide thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Jean's Monster Truck - backing
 ..... and last, but not least, another one of Jean's quilts - this time for her granddaughter.  It's a fairy princess type fabric - simple design using a 16 patch block - really cute!  Dragonfly Pond panto, Glide Thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Jean's Fairy Princess quilt

Jean's Fairy Princess - backing
Well, that pretty much takes care of the month of June . . . July's up next!  Happy Quilting from the Little House

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