Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Double Wedding Ring Quilt . . . a different kind of piecing

Bonnie had always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt - but not the traditional pieced way - she found a pattern that appliqued the rings onto plain blocks.  WOW - it turned out beautiful! 

Bonnie, her daughter and I tested out a few designs before landing on the final choice.

The last two designs were a perfect choice! 

Here we go - start at the top and work my way down the quilt.  I stitched around each one of those rings to make them stand out more on the fabric . . . .

and a few days later . . . here's the final result!

Double Wedding Ring - bead board border

Double Wedding Ring - back

 So, there it is . . . another custom job off to it's rightful owner.  I've got a few more custom jobs coming up . . . Happy Quilting from the Little House.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Custom Quilting . . . .

I've had a few custom quilting jobs on Freeda over the past couple of months.  I love custom quilting, but have to admit, it's stressful and takes a lot of time . . . but the results are worth it - in my humble opinion!

Heather made this quilt top in reds, whites, and beige colors - just so awesome.  She did a wonderful job of piecing!  When we talked about what she wanted, Heather was very clear that she wanted it peaceful - and didn't want the quilting to overtake the piecing, but rather work with the piecing.  She chose the stencil design for the plain blocks, and I quilted each of the pieced blocks differently - but remained simple.  I "ditched" around each block, and added an extra 1/4" border in each of the plain blocks . . . I love how it turned out! . . . and so did Heather - I think between the two of us we captured what she wanted for her quilt. Here's a bit of a photo journey of the process . . .

just starting out - stitching around each block in the "red" .... see how the SID makes the block stand out?

 ...moving on to the cross hatching in the setting triangles . . .

....working down through the quilt -

done . . .

backing . . .looks as nice as the front! 

See why I love custom quilting???  Lots more coming . . . from the Little House . . .
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