Saturday, 10 November 2012

Catching up!

It may seem like I've been doing nothing . . . or at least, very little . . . but in reality, I've been busy, busy, busy!  I'm going to catch up now on some of the quilts I've done in the last little while.  I don't post pictures until the quilts are in their owners loving arms, so while I have had some finished for a while, they just have been delivered.  Also, we are well into the winter season already - so some of these quilts have not had their "hang time" outside for photos . . . near blizzard conditions don't make for particularly good photo shoots!

First up is one of two quilts I did for a new customer, Rose.  It is a scrappy star quilt - very, very comfy looking.    Glide Thread, Taro Panto from Urban Elementz, Quilter's Dream Batting

Rose's Scrappy Stars

Scrappy Stars - close up 

Scrappy Stars - close up of border
Rose's second quilt shows off beautiful greens with pinwheels - or shamrocks to some  ;)  We chose another one of my favorite "go to" pantos - Surf's Up by David Hudson - simple, but really effective on this quilt.  Glide Thread, Quilter's Dream Batting
Rose's Greens and Pinwheels

Close up

More pics to follow . . .

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