Thursday, 21 March 2013

Little House Creations - new machine, new home, new opportunities!

Hello!  After 4 months, Little House Creations is back!  The calendar says it's spring today, but in Alberta we are questioning that . . .

Major snow storm causes havoc on the QE2

This is a far cry from the beautiful weather I have been enoying in the past few months in Mexico . . .

I sold my Lenni before I left, and anxiously awaited delivery of my new APQS Freedom - aka Freeda - and it just so happened that there was a vacant spot in the back room of Addies Creative Fabrics in Cochrane, AB.  So, I took the leap and Freeda is now set up in a wonderful little quilt shop in Cochrane - have a look at their website Addies Creative Fabrics .

It took a bit to get Freeda all set up, but we did it and I am in love with her!  This machine is wonderful, and smooth as butta!!

I've had a lot of interest from quilters who drop by and I think this opportunity will be a win-win!

So far, I haven't done a lot with Freeda, as we are just getting acquainted - but here's how she looks in her new space . . .



I've begun taking quilt tops, and will begin slowly until the month of May - then it will be full steam ahead as I'll be able to dedicate my time 100% to Freeda!

Stay tuned - as I hope to be posting a lot of pictures of wonderful quilts this year!

It's good to be home!

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