Sunday, 21 April 2013

Is it Saturday - again? already?

WOW - how time flies!  I guess it's because I've been kind of busy - what with my one job winding down, and my time with Freeda ramping up, it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day right now.  I'm not complaining - it's just the way it is . . . Saturdays are a great day to be long arming at Addies - tho to be honest, not the most productive day for quilting - but a great day for talking with potential customers and just hanging out in a really awesome space!

The "monster quilt" - this is absolutely the cutest quilt I have had the pleasure of working on.  Rose is giving it to her grandson - what a lucky boy!  I'm pretty sure this is a Sue Garman quilt  that was sold as a block of the month a few years ago.

Rose's Monster Quilt (Sue Garman Pattern)

Close up of one monster - each square was quilted differently

Another close up of a monster

Rose's Monster Quilt - borders and blocks

Rose's Monster Quilt - Borders

Rose's Monster Quilt - hanging out with Freeda

This  next quilt has the most amazing story - it was pieced by Barbara for her granddaughter- her first quilt ever - and she's 87 years young!  Barbara was so pleased with the quilting - I'm pretty sure she's caught the quilting bug like the rest of us so I expect to see more from her!

Barbara's First Quilt - hanging with Freeda

Barbara's First Quilt - Terry Twists in the 9-patch squares

Barbara's First Quilt - large squares - leaves and flowers

And speaking of first quilts, my sister made a quilt last year using fabric from her kids clothing, husbands shirts, etc. using the  mile-a-minute piecing technique on Edith's blog ((Mile a Minute tutorial) - and yes, this was also her first quilt . . .

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - hanging out in Victoria, BC

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up free hand quilting

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - colours of the coast

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up of back

Janice's Mile-a-Minute - close up of borders

Pretty great quilt made of old clothing pieces . . . and a lot of  <3   - something that will be treasured!

Have a good week everyone - and by the way - it's STILL snowing! 

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Edith said...

Well, I just love everything about Janice's Mile-a-Minute quilt, the treasures of fabric in it, the colours of the accent and borders and back and the quilting is superb. Wonderful job!

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