Thursday, 26 September 2013

Double vision . . .

Sometimes that can happen if I'm REALLY tired, but in this case, it's all about two quilts with the same theme . . . Audrey made these adorable quilts for her two nieces . . . . they were identical - so we decided to put a different quilting pattern on them just to make it more interesting. Both used Hobbs 80/20 batting and were quilted with Fil-tec Glide thread (Celery) . . . lucky, lucky nieces!

Audrey's #2 - Popcorn panto

Audrey - Daisies Galor

See - there really are two!
 I didn't get pics of the back - but the backing was Lime Minkie . . . just the right touch and it looked amazing after it was quilted! Then Marge brought me two quilts that are going to Nova Scotia as gifts. . . .and while they are not the same pattern, they do have some of the same fabrics. I quilted them both with the same panto - Flirtatious ; Fil-tec Glide thread - Sand. They are going to be a stunning edition to the family room in Nova Scotia!

Flannel backing - love it!!!

This is not about seeing triple . . . this is the backing!!! 

Marge's piece backing - beautiful!!

Hangin' with Freeda

Marge's #2 - close up
 This next quilt isn't about seeing double.... it is about caring, friendship, and just a great group of people. I quilted this on a very tight time line - you see, a group of colleagues got together to create this work of art for one of their friends/colleagues who was recently diagnosed with cancer. They knew she would not have long, and wanted to make something to share with her - and to comfort her. Each quilt block represents something meaningful for both the giver and the receiver. They told me (and I have no doubt!) that this was very therapeutic for everyone . . . something tangible that they could do under the circumstances. I know how important this act of sharing is for everyone - so I worked it in and got it quilted. It was the least I could do . . . I have purposefully blurred the picture - as the quilt itself was beautiful, but very personal . . . just want to share what a dedicated group of friends can do. I quilted a heart in each square to depict the many hearts that made this a very special quilt.

Until next time . . . . thoughts from the Little House . . . .

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