Saturday, 1 November 2014

November . . . the countdown is on!

If you know me, or have been following my blog, you may know that I'm NOT a winter person . . . and, I live in Alberta where it can be winter ... oh, 8 months of the year (on a bad year).  So, I escape winter whenever I can - this year, I am going to spend the next 5 months in my truck camper - with my husband, and my border collie.... who, by the way, loves life on a farm AND life at the ocean ( that's goes for both the husband AND the dog!) 

We should be back in March, but, you never know - if the space is too tight, I might be back in January!  The plan is to enjoy the winter months in Mexico - we just love Mexico - so, the countdown is definitely on.  Little House Creations will be closed from Nov 15th to April 1st, 2015.  I have 10 customer quilts to complete BEFORE November 15th . . better get at it!  You know, I don't seem to have time to quilt my own quilts . . . what's up with that!

Today I delivered (yes, I deliver) three quilts.

The first one is Rose's Dragonfly quilt - it is soooo cute!  Rose is an excellent applique/piecer!  I made a template from her appliqued dragonflies - quilted that in the white blocks, echoed all the dragonflies and filled in the blocks with 3s and Es.    Hobbs 80/20 batting; Glide Thread

  Because of the white on white, the quilting really doesn't show in the pictures.  I need to have them taken when the sun was shining tangentially on them . . . but it was snowing today - so hope you can get the idea of how this looks . . .

Barb's quilts are just so great to work with.  This first one is a simple quilt made with srtips of Zoo like juvenile fabric.  Glide Thread - Buttercup; Animal Crackers panto...  again, the quilting really doesn't show in these pictures, but the quilts are just so great!


Barb's other quilt is just so up my alley!  It was a Block-of-the-Month that Barb had hanging around for quite a long time!  I just love these colors and star block combinations!  Pansies pantograph; glide thread . . .

Backing - close up

Backing - Pansies panto

When I was quilting this, I thought what a wonderful challenge it would be to custom quilt it  . . . but you know, Barb is just so happy with the quilting choice.  It's all about what the customer wants . . . and I think this quilt turned out fabulous!

I'll be posting more as I get them back to their owners . . . deadlines, deadlines - from the Little House!

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