Wednesday, 2 March 2016

.... and here's to 2015! (part one)

This may take a few posts - I vow to catch my blog pretty much up to date!  The last I posted was quilts from back in September - and here's some more! 

Barb made a couple of quilts before Christmas.  The first one was a nice little quilt made from a selection of "seasonal" (aka Christmas) fabrics.  Arabesque panto; Glide Thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting

cozy Fireside backing!  So nice!!!

 Barb's wall hanging had a definite outdoors feel - forests, rivers, oceans, mountains!  I quilted each square with a different freehand design . . .

This next quilt is Ann's awesome queen quilt - using a variety of blues and creams!  I love it!  Glide Thread; Wrought Iron panto.

Ann's quilt - backing close up

Now this is a different quilt, isn't it??  Jean is originally from Britain - and she put together this flag quilt as a gift for a relative.  I quilted it with Diamonds are Forever panto; Glide thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting

Flag quilt backing close up
 Julie made a cute Christmas quilt for her granddaughter - I stitched around those cute little snowmen and the trees - and did a variety of freehand designs over the rest; Glide thread, W&N Batting

.... and then there's Jill's super cute baby quilts - they were both identical except for the backing.  I loaded them both on the frame together and stitched  them with a swirl panto design; Glide thread - unfortunately the quilting doesn't show up very well in the pictures because Jill used a thinner batting, but they really were cute!

.... and lastly, Tamara's quilt - I just love the warmth and old quilt feel of this one.  I think Tamara said she made this from a kit from Keepsake Quilting . . . Taro panto; Superior So Fine thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Next post - two very special custom jobs!

Thanks for waiting for me - at the Little House!

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Andrea said...

That British inspired quilt is amazing and the panto you chose suits it perfectly!!

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