Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June . . . does that mean summer is here???

It was a bit of a rough couple of weeks at Little House . . . the weather has not been cooperating, AND last week the torrential rains caused the basement to flood.  Guess what's in the basement - right - the Lenni Lounge!  So, we sopped up all the water, moved the furniture, and dried out the basement. 

Today the sun is shining (for now) and the basement is dry . . . that means, Lenni should be back up and running tomorrow . . . AND, the hummingbirds are back, the orioles are visiting and the mama goose has left the hay stack (you had to be there!).

So ......

In May, wildfires destroyed about 1/3 of the town of Slave Lake, Alberta,  - homes, businesses and livelihoods.  In response to the tragedy and devastation, a fabric shop in Edmonton is organizing the collection of quilts for those residents of Slave Lake who lost their homes.  Now a quilt cannot replace what is lost, but we all know, quilts CAN comfort - and that's what this is all about.  I will be donating some quilts from my "stash", and I have been amazed by the support of others - some that I don't even know!  I have collected half a dozen quilts from generous quilters, and will also be taking in some tops that quilters have completed, and will be quilting them on my long arm, Lenni.  When I head to Edmonton on June 9th to my quilting classes at Sparrow Studioz, I'll take what I have been able to collect, and deliver them to Edmonton for the Slave Lake cause.

It's the least I can do . . . I just had to suck gallons of water out of my basement - but at least I HAVE a basement - I can't imagine what it would be like to lose your home and neighborhood like those in Slave Lake.

Once I have all my donations in order, I'll post a picture of them for you to see.

After those are all complete, I have 5 of my own tops waiting patiently for their turn on Lenni . . . here's a couple of them.

This is a Mystery Quilt that I did last fall - "High Desert Mystery Quilt"  It's a full queen size.

I completed this Block of the Month last year as well - it's HUGE!  I need lots of time and imaginative juices flowing before I tackle this one.  I love the colors, don't you??

The Festival of Quilts was held at Heritage Park last weekend - what a stunning display of quilts - over 500 of them.  I really think next year Little House Creations will have a few hanging for all to see.  This isn't a judged show - just a wonderful variety of quilting from beginner to friggin' amazingly advanced!  As luck would have it, I forgot my camera at home, so my friend, Carol, took these photos with her cell phone - what would we do without cell phones???  Thanks, Carol  :)

Here's just a sampling  . . .. (I hope I'm not infringing on any copyright laws - as I don't know who made these, I just know that the event is spectacular - and it didn't hurt that the sun was shining!)

Check out the June Special I am offering under the "Brochure" link on the right hand side!  Now that's a bargain!!!

Until next time we meet in the Little House . . . . "Go Canucks Go" 

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