Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's been a busy month . . .

WOW - the 28th of June!  Where did this month go???  Let's see . . .  I got the quilts delivered for Slave Lake, took a few Long Arm classes in Edmonton, spent a week in Kimberley with the grandkids, and have three more quilts to show you.

But first, a little story to share regarding the quilts for Slave Lake.  A facebook friend of mine, who also happens to be a childhood friend that I haven't seen for probably 35 years, saw the Quilts for Slave Lake posting on Facebook.   A family member was one of the unfortunate people who lost their home in the fires, but more to the point, she lost a pink and white quilt that her grandmother made for her over 25 years ago.  They contacted me and asked if they could possibly receive one of my quilts, and I couldn't see why not.  So, now the beautiful pink and white quilt that Susan donated, is hers.  I think that's a great story . . . . don't you?

Now  belongs to Slave Lake resident Christina - I'm sure it will be treasured!

OK, on to more quilts from Little House . . . .

Here's pictures of Judy's Crazy Quilt.  It's pieced in nice warm flannels, and I quilted it using "Surf's Up" panto by David Hudson.  Glide thread top and bobbin.

Close up of Crazy Quilt - Surf's Up panto

Judy's Crazy Quilt

Judy's Crazy Quilt - waiting for some Cuddle Time

 Judy made another quilt out of the same flannel fabric.  This pattern is calledTurning Twenty - meaning it's made of twenty fat quarters.  I quilted it with Glide thread and "Starburst" panto by Patricia Ritter.  I don't know which one is my favorite - they'd  both be so inviting on a cool evening with a good book or perhaps a glass of red wine  ;) !

Judy's Turning Twenty

Another of Judy's Flannel Turning Twenty


.... and one more quilt to show you . . . This one is a lap quilt using the "Disappearing Nine Patch" pattern.  I quilted it with Glide thread and Ebb and Flow panto from Willow Leaf Studios.

Disappearing Nine Patch - Ebb and Flow panto

Ebb and Flow panto - Close up

All of these quilts are warm looking, aren't they?  Next time I will have some wilder colors  for you to see - I promise.   Here's a sneak peek . . .
The weather has finally turned for the better, so I may have to spend more time outside than in, but I still have lots of work to do!  The quilts are piling up at Little House - and that's great!!  Until next time, enjoy your Canada Day celebrations and I look forward to posting some great July quilts from the Little House.

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Crazy Creek Creations said...

Love the story of the pink quilt Bev - it's kind of nice to know someone personally who receives one of the quilts although the circumstances are so sad for all of those in Slave Lake. Looks like you're keeping busy - great work your doing. Hugs for organizing the Calgary and area quilts and taking them up to Edmonton - hope you enjoyed the classes.

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