Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Irish Dream . . . . from start to finish . . .

Actuallly . . .  this is just the start . . .  stay posted for the finish. 

A few years ago, I went to Ireland with my younger sister, Sharon and my friend, Teresa.  We had an amazing trip!  I have been meaning to make a Celtic type quilt ever since, in honor of that trip.  No time like the present - Sharon is going to Ireland again tomorrow (with another sister, Janice and BIL Brian), I have friends that are visiting there right now, and a whole crew of quilters will be in Galway  for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland - June 2012. 

Here's some of my inspiration -

This is the latest issue (Issue 14) of the magazine "Irish Quilting"

These are a couple of the quilts from that magazine - don't they just pull you in?  Now, these are pictures right from the magazine, inspiring, yes - but not mine.
Knotworks Throw (page 16) -

Celtic Cross (page 65)

While I was in Ireland, people thought I was crazy because I kept taking pictures of the floor, or wall, or ceilings  . . . and  I meant to!

I have another book that I think I'll start with - it's Karen Combs Celtic Pieced Illusions

This book is great - it contains so much information and patterns ranging from "beginner to advanced".  I've not made a quilt like this before, so I'm considering myself a beginner.

The pattern I have chosen is "Celtic Cross" on page 60

My own picture of a Celtic Cross - Ireland

 . . . . and what do you know, I just happen to have some fabric hanging about that I think will work quite nicely.

The darker color reminds me so something . . . now what was it???

ah, yes . . . the Guinness Girls!

 So, over the next few weeks, I will cut the fabric for "My Irish Dream", begin piecing it together, quilt it on my Lenni the long arm, and finally, put the binding and label on . . . . and I plan to keep a photo journey here on my blog throughout the process.  If this goes well, I'll try another pattern that is a bit more challenging.

If I can't go back to Ireland, this will have to do!  Slainte!!

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing how it turns out . . . don't drink the Guinness before you cut and sew, tho ;)

Anonymous said...

Look forward to watching your progress. We'll get more "floor and window" pics along the way.......we'll have a pint for you each noon!! ;-) S

Mary said...

I loved Ireland, too! Now that you have made a quilt, would still recommend this book?

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