Monday, 15 August 2011

The Barter System . . .

"Wikipedia says :  bar·ter/ˈbärtər/
Noun: The action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money."

My good friend Phil does fabulous stained glass pieces.  So, we made a Barter - he'll make me a stained glass hanging, and I'll make his wife a quilt.  I think it was a great exchange . . . how about you? 

Here's the Stained Glass Rooster which I absolutely LUV!!  - hanging in my dining room window - 

Phil's Rooster in the Dining Room

.... and here's the quilt I "bartered" with.  It's a Chained Log Cabin - 90" X 90".   Hobbs 80/20 batting; Fil-tec Glide thread.

Chained Log Cabin "Barter " Quilt
 Last week I spent some time with Matt Sparrow (ManQuilter) ) at Sparrow Studioz  learning some freestyle quilting techniques.  I put my new skills to the test with this quilt, and although I've got quite a ways to go  to reach Matt's standard, I am very happy with it.

Chained Log Cabin
I just have to add the binding, and then will give it to Phil and Zoria.  It's their wedding anniversary today, so I'll try to have it completed for them this afternoon.   (Late note - I didn't get it done today, so they'll just have to wait!)

Chained Log Cabin - close up

Freestyle - flowers, leaves  and headbands

Hmmm , , , , flowers, leaves and headbands . . . what does that remind you of?


The barter system is alive and well at the Little House - what have YOU got to barter with?? 


Anonymous said...

helluvadeal for both of you!

Happy Anniversary Phil & Zoria, wherever you are!

FAB said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful stained glass, and a beautiful view from your dining room window! Thanks for sharing, Bev!

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