Monday, 3 October 2011

The first step is admitting that you have a problem . . .

Hello - my name is Bev - and I'm a Scrap-a-holic . . . . there - I said it out loud! 

Some people think that I'm a very organized person - truth is, I'm just very good at looking organized (at times).

This is my sewing area . . .

This is quite an "organized" space - note the glasses, magazine, magnetic board and even post-its  --- very nice!

. . . . and here's all my tools at my fingertips . . . .  how organized is that???

Threads, cutters, rulers, measuring tape, scissors, stencils -----  I do LOOK organized!!!

Now this is reality - my "scraps" . . . .

What can I say? . . . . I keep almost every scrap from every quilt I make - waste not, want not as the saying goes.  It's overwhelming and has taken on a life of its own.  I usually have these scraps all hidden away in those neat and tidy plastic containers, or baskets (baskets are nice!) , or whatever - but if I was ever going to get a grip on this problem, I had to lay them out here and face my demons.  What a mess!!!!

For the next few weeks, my plan is to sort through the scrap heap - cut pieces into useable sizes (like 2 1/2 strips or squares); sort according to color group; and then make scrappy quilts until this is all gone.  I may (and I say may) even throw some out!!!

OK - so I'm a gal on a mission . . . this WILL be completed before I purchase one scrap (yikes, I said it again) more of fabric!!!

aaaah . . . I feel so much better now!

If you go to Quiltville, you will see I'm not the only one with this problem, and she's even come up with a great solution . . .  have a look at her site.


Crazy Creek Creations said...

Wow Bev - I was just starting to think that I couldn't invite you over to my studio if yours looks like that - thanks for sharing and making me feel a bit better. I try try and try to stay organized but to no avail - mine is quite a bit worse than yours but as long as I can find things - I'm happy. So anytime you're in the area please feel free to drop in for a visit to my messier studio. Hugs, Nancy

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Haha! I always love to see someone else's organized mess!! Makes me feel right at home.

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