Sunday, 2 October 2011


October Sunflower - that little bee's going to get every last drop of nectar!!

We had a heavy frost last night - that'll sure change things!  This is the last of the sunflowers . . . I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be able to make it with these cold night temps.

The month of September was spectacular as far as the weather was concerned.  The leaves are all changing, and it's been just beautiful with the clear blue sky as a backdrop for all the fall colors.  We drove to Kimberley, BC last weekend - it was a beautiful trip through the park (Banff National Park/Kootenay National Park) - but you just cannot capture that in a picture - well, at least I can't with my little point and shoot!   

We did go for a walk in Cochrane this week - there walking trails are wonderful down by the Bow River.
Walking path in Cochrane, AB

Progress report:  My Irish Dream Quilt

 . . .  it's coming along - I'm glad I chose a beginner pattern because it can be a bit confusing, and actually, when I make another one, I think I'll change up the directions a bit to make it go a little faster.  I'll become a stripper . . . that is quilt talk for sewing strips of fabrics together and THEN cutting.  It's seems that would be a better way to go . . . I'll see. 

Last time I posted, I just had all the pieces cut . . . . now, 3 1/2 hrs later, I have the beginnings of the pattern.  These eight different squares will be sewn together . . . .

Squares for Celtic Cross

Next step - taking 16 of those squares, and arranging them for the top quarter of the quilt . . .

Right hand quarter of Celtic Cross - laid out

and then . . . . sewing those 16 squares together. One quarter done!

Top Right Corner - Celtic Cross

Now, just do that three more times - and sew all four quarters together and Ta..Da . . .

Celtic Cross - centre

According to the pattern , this is it . . . but I'm just not in love with it - and I have to be in love with it to be able to quilt it and feel good.  So, I think I'm going to add a border all around, and then perhaps another 8 inches or so of Celtic Chain design on the top and bottom.  That will give it more of a lap quilt/bed cover look.  Let's face it, it might look good hanging on a wall of a church or sanctuary . . . but that's just doesn't fit into the decor here at the Little House!  I'll let you know  . . . .

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