Thursday, 10 November 2011

Slave Lake - remember the fires?

Remember way back in June when I posted about the Quilts for Slave Lake?  Well, it's not over yet!  Although Patchwork Fabrics in Slave Lake has given out over 1000 - yes ONE THOUSAND - quilts,  there is still a need for more.

If any of you local quilters out there have finished quilts you would like to donate - contact Linda at Patchwork Quilts  in Slave Lake - here's a link to her blog:

Also, if there are finished quilt tops in your pile of UFOs (we all have them!), contact me and I will quilt them, bind them and get them up to Slave Lake.  You need to provide the quilt top, backing, and binding.  I have a supply of Hobbs 80/20 batting that I'm willing to donate, but if you do have batting as well that would really be appreciated.

So look through your closets and cubbys where you might even find a quilt top you forgot all about - then contact me.

Linda says:  "I hadn't done a count for sometime and have a few inquiries lately as to how many quilts have been gifted now. Well As of today 545 households now have their quilts . Add the total children from these households that have received their quilts(479) and a total of 1024 quilts have been gifted. Many new names have been registered in the last few weeks but there are still more that haven't been regis...tered. Please help make sure no one is missed. I also have names registered that need people to gift their quilts so if you have the time please stop by the store and look the list over to see if you might know someone on it. Thank you to all the wonderful quilters that continue to send quilts to our Slave Lake fire 'SURVIVORS'. You continue to BLANKET SLAVE LAKE WITH LOVE!

Hi Bev, household quilts as well as ones for older teenage boys and single men are what I keep running short of. Thank you for all you have already contributed to Blanketing Slave Lake With Love."

Let's not forget about the people in Slave Lake - winter is here!


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FAB said...

What an amazing project. Has there ever been a feature in the news about this? If not, there certainly should be. And if there have been articles or features, Bev can you help me find links to them?

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