Monday, 7 November 2011

What's a Christmas tree without a skirt???

Naked - it just isn't right!!

I took a class at a local quilt shop, Addies - Cochrane, Alberta , to learn how to make a Christmas Tree Skirt.  Now, you would think that would be a fairly simple effort - and actually it was, but the results were far from simple looking! 

The pattern actually makes two tree skirts from the same group of fabric strips - each is the exact opposite of the other.  My friend Carol and I went together on this project, so she got one and I got one.  We went with very non-traditional colours for Christmas, but they turned out to be fabulous.  The other class members each had two - and they were all stunning - and soooo different.

What started out as this . . . .

became this . . . .

and this . . .

and eventually this . . .

My Tree Skirt

Carol's Tree Skirt - same colors, just opposite placement

 Everyone in the class chose different fabrics . . . all very unique!  Have a look . . .

Another one . . . Beautiful soft colours

,,,, and its opposite layout . . . how different!!

Very traditional Christmas colours - stunning!!

Still traditional, still stunning . . . just opposite!

Another non-traditional - can't you imagine this under an all-white light tree with purple/blue/silver ornaments?  WOW!

Lots and lots of cutting and sewing, but well worth the effort!

I put mine on Lenni the Longarm and did swirls up each strip - (click on the picture for a better view of the stitching).

Even Charlie Brown's Tree deserves a skirt! 


Crazy Creek Creations said...

Wow Bev that's a very cool project and each and every one looks gorgeous - nice job! Love the swirls as well - perfect for this beauty! Are you keeping this one for yourself?

Andrea said...

Hi Bev - we met last night at the guild in Calgary... just wanted to check out the tree skirt you raved about. Oh my gosh, it's stunning! I want to make one, can you give me the name of the pattern? Think I can make it in a week? ;-)
Great to meet you last night...hope all is well,

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