Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lots of pics . . . it's been a whole month!!!

Happy New Year - (better late than never!)

It's hard to believe it's already past the middle of January and I've been very lazy about posting on the blog.   Christmas has come and gone, winter has arrived here in full force (-29 degrees Celsius today), and back to the wonderful world of quilting. 

Some of the quilts done over the past month . . .

This gorgeous quilt is Judy's Mystery Quilt.  I love the color and fabric selection Judy made - it really is one of my favorites.  Glide Thread; Damask Feathers panto by Urban Elementz.  Have I mentioned that Urban Elementz is one of my favorite on-line stores to buy pantos? They have a great selection - and lots of variety.

Judy's Mystery Quilt - queen sized so the only way to get a full picture was to hang it on the line!
I think I need to look at my camera - either the lens has something on it, or it's just foggy from the cold, but these pictures do not do this quilt justice.  The colors are stunning!

Another gorgeous quilt by Danielle.  This quilt was so nicely pieced and a pleasure to quilt.  I used Glide thread that blended in very nicely; Double Plume panto by Keryn Emmerson (another one of my favorite panto designs!)

Danielle's Burgundy PinWheels

Burgundy PinWheels -  Close up
Burgundy PinWheels - close up of back showing panto design

To something totally different - a bright and cheery baby quilt for Sasha!  Orange, green, purple, pink, white, yellow - you name the color, it's in this little quilt.  Moda Fabric (Deb Strain), Cotton Candy Glide Thread; Freehand designs . . .

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt

Close up - Pin Wheel Baby Quilt

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt - Close up of Border

Pin Wheel Baby Quilt - backing

.... and last for now, a "charming" lap quilt using Moda 5" charm squares (Collections for a Cause - Heritage); Fil-tec Glide thread; Wisteria panto by Urban Elementz; wool batting - creates great definition for the quilting!

Half Century Lap Quilt ;)

Wisteria Panto - Half Century Lap Quilt

Backing - Wisteria Panto

Ready for a cuddle . . .

Wisteria Panto/Wool Batting - great definition for the quilting, light weight and warm!

I think that's enough for this post - the kettle is whistling so I'll make a cup of tea and curl up with a quilt and a good book.  I'm reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay . . . it's kind of "dark" so far - and I have a feeling it won't get a lot lighter because one review says "It will make you cry - and remember".  What good books are you reading??

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