Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finished just in time . . . .

Little House Creations will be closed until February 23, 2012 while I recharge my batteries with some much needed sun, sand and surf! 

My last project before heading off was a challenge, to say the least - on and off Lenni a few times - and lots of picking out stitches.  Lenni and I were having some "issues" - but we're over it and getting along just fine now.  I guess that happens in any relationship, eh?

You may not believe it, but I would say I worked over 20 hrs on just the quilting . . . glad it's done and all in all, pretty happy with it.  It's not perfect, but I learned a few things and it's for me, so only I will know  ;)  . . . I'll call it "Scrappy" for more reasons than the fabric!  Hobbs Wool Batting; Fil-tec Glide thread on top; Bottom Line in Bobbin.

Scrappy - just off the frame

Scrappy - full view

The colors in "Scrappy" are mostly earthy tones, so I carried a leaf pattern in the borders and in some of the blocks.  Each of the blocks has been quilted with different quilting motifs and patterns.  Just a sampling . . . (click on the pictures for a larger view).

Scrappy has three borders . . .
Scrappy - Leaf Borders Close Up

and the coolest thing is the way the quilting shows on the back . . . I think I can see a "Whole Cloth" in my future quilting . . .

Scrappy - backing

Scrappy - back

Scrappy - backing

The Chinook has finally arrived - it was only -10 when I hung Scrappy out on the line . . . and it is supposed to be above freezing by tonight.  I better go drag out the suitcases and start packing - shorts (check); sandals (check); snorkling gear (check); bathing suit (ugh!!!)!   I will be back with more quilty pleasures (that's Quilty, not Guilty) at the end of February.  Do you think winter might be almost over by then?

PS:  Lenni is feeling bad so I put a picture of her with Scrappy - she's way at the back, pouting cause I'm leaving her behind . . .  jeez, do you think she'll miss me when I'm gone? 


Kath Garvey said...

Bev Love your Scrappy quilt. The earth tones are my favourite colour mix.

Edith said...

Wow, beautiful, I really like the Leaf Borders.

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