Thursday, 13 September 2012

Raise your glasses . . . once again!

Beautiful Bride and Groom
We just came back from 8 days in British Columbia - most was spent on Vancouver Island . . . couldn't have asked for better weather for my niece's wedding.  This time was spent visiting with family and friends - old and new.  The quilt was commissioned as a wedding gift for the lovely couple - it's made from a pattern called "Smokey River" by Whirlygig Designs using Northcott Stonehenge fabrics.  The first picture below is BEFORE quilting . . . so you can see what a difference quilting makes. 

Smokey River - before quilting

Smokey River - close up (folded)

Smokey River - close up

Smokey River - close up

Smokey River - back - using up all those strips!

Smokey River
I didn't get a picture of Smokey River with any "hang time" as it was pretty windy before we left for the wedding, but I'm betting someone  ("hint, hint" ) will send me some photos from the Island and I'll post later.  The colors in this quilt are so perfect for an outside autumn photo shoot . . . so I'll post when I have more.  (Free-hand design, Glide Thread, Quilter's Dream 70/30 batting).

I'll leave you with some photos of Beautiful British Columbia . . .

Heading over on the ferry . . .

Beautiful homes and gardens . . .

Wedding centerpieces - totally "Island"

Heading back to the mainland . . .

Fall is in the air - we have had frost here in Water Valley so this weekend will be spend cleaning up the garden - it just feels too soon!  Next up in the quilting room is a lap quilt for my colleague who is heading into cancer treatments - how could I NOT make her a quilt to keep her comfy and to remind her that her friends and coworkers are walking this journey with her?  

Until next time from the Little House . . .


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt and the colors are exquisite. The Island shots make me a tad 'homesick'. They won't have frost for a while!

maggie muggins said...

The quilt is beautiful Bev! Glad you had a great holiday! Quilting season starts in earnest very soon. We have two more weekends at the lake after this and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Love it mom! I'm sure the happy couple do too!


FAB said...

I was at the wedding and saw the reaction of the bride and groom when they received the quilt. It's a beautiful piece of work -- dare I say, a piece of art?

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