Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hooked on French Braids!

Those French Braid quilts are addicting - and beautiful.  I had to buy the book and now have MORE projects on my want to do list!  Some are more complex than others, but put the right colors and textures together and you get one stunning quilt!

One of my colleagues is beginning chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma next week.  I know far too well what she's heading into with that chemo cocktail - so, on behalf of our whole organization, I made this French Braid quilt for her.  I know she will feel that we are all thinking of her when she snuggles up under her quilt and lets the chemo do its work and sends those lymphoma cells packing!  (Quilter's Dream 70/30 batting, Glide Thread, selection of Batik fabrics)

Strong colors to do some strong work!  (check out the snow outside the window!)

French Braid Quilt

French Braid Quilt - backing

French Braid Quilt - close up - Feathers and Terry Twists
I didn't get this quilt out for any "hang time" on the line as I just got the binding on this weekend when I was over in Kimberley enjoying beautiful fall weather and scenery - AND - then it snowed overnight!  Yes - snowed . . . I think it's time to drag out the suitcases and throw in the sandals!  But, it's only October 2nd!!!

A few months ago, I bought a couple of quilt tops on E-bay for practice quilts.  One is almost done - and it has turned out great - if I  do say so myself.  The best thing about E-bay tops is that I don't have any time (or emotions) invested in them.  Someone did all the cutting and piecing - and I appreciate that - but it wasn't me AND it wasn't one of my customers.  So, I can pretty much play around and try new things.  I've had a few projects on and off Lenni in the meantime, but when I get my E-bay quilt finished, I'll post it for you to see.

The countdown really is on - I've got less than two months to get a number of projects completed before Little House Creations closes for three months.  Let's see - one string quilt, one baby quilt, one Christmas quilt, another wedding quilt, one flag quilt (special order), one Judy Niemeyer quilt, three boys quilts . . . .  OMG, what am I doing playing on this computer!  If you have a quilt top that you'd like done before Christmas, I need to book it in now . . . eight weeks isn't a lot of time!

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