Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's that time of the year again - Heritage Park Festival of Quilts

Wouldn't you know it - this weekend is the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts - and it's pouring rain.  Not just a little rain, there is an Environment Canada rainfall warning issued for the City of Calgary for the next 48 hrs . . . seems this happens every year but the sun will find it's way through by Saturday and Sunday so all the quilters can enjoy a day at the park (and the merchant mall!).

Meanwhile, back at Little House - I've been busy with quilts for customers.

Heather was going to display this interesting flower quilt at the FOQ this weekend, but life got in the way!  I quilted each flower space with a different filler design, and used swirls and loops in the yellow sashings (glide thread)

Heather's Floral Quilt

Gale made this Black and White Quilt for a wedding gift - it is absolutley stunning in person!  The appliqued daisies with the pop of color in the border add such interest to the quilt!  I quilted it freehand with echoed teardrops, the odd daisy, and a few hearts thrown in for good measure!  Each daisy was echoed as well, and it really made them stand out.  (glide thread top, bottom line bobbin)

Gale's Black and White

Gale's Black and White - Close up

Gale's Black and White - close up

Gale's Black and White - backing

Gale's Black and White - hanging out with Freeda
 Rose has done it again - another beautifully pieced quilt.  This Irish Chain is going in her RV - that has to be the nicest RV around!  So Fine thread top; Glide bobbin; Autumn Oaks Panto (Jodi Beamish)

Rose's Irish Chain

Rose's Irish Chain - close up - Autumn Oaks panto

Rose's Irish Chain - Flannel Backing showing Autumn Oaks panto

Rose's Irish Chain hanging out with Freeda

More on my friend the goose . . . a few days ago she just disappeared off the hay bale.  I didn't notice that any goslings had hatched - so I had to wonder what happened to her . . . but then yesterday, as I was driving by, I saw two geese (ma and pa) escorting two little goslings in the ditch to the pond down the road.  This would be about 1/2 a km - so quite a way for the little ones to walk!  I saw some geese with babes in the pond today, so I'm hoping it was them. 

I'll try to get to the Festival of Quilts this weekend and post some pictures from there next week.

Until next time ....

Little House Creations - on display!

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Edith said...

Beverly, such beautiful quilts and quilting, I'm particularly attracted to the black and white with daisies, it suits my colour style.

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