Thursday, 30 May 2013

The moose is loose!!!!

Never a dull moment at the Little House!  The other morning, we were looking out from an upstairs window and saw a cow moose and her calf in our pasture - not that we haven't seen that before . . . but when we looked closer, we noticed that the calf was actually on the other side of the gate from his mom and trying desparately to get through . . . and when we looked even closer . ..  we realized that there were twin calves - one with the mom, and one in our barnyard!  We went out (me in my pj's) to see what we could do - and of course, I grabbed the camera on the way out the door.

So here's this little guy - cute as can be and not very old - trying desparately to squeeze through the gate to get to his mother - and he was going to hurt himself.  Art went to open the gate . . . and the little guy was so frightened he bolted - directly at me!

Here he comes . . .

and there he goes . . .

.... fortunately, we have a passage between our house and our neighbors.  The baby ran through there - was able to squeeze through their fence and was reunited with his family . . . how exciting tho!!  I've never seen a moose calf up close, let alone two - and they are soooo cute!  These guys couldn't have been more than a couple of weeks old.

And, there has been exciting things quilty wise at the Little House too . . .

My friend from high school does engraving work - Okanagan Engraving out of Vernon, B.C.  She made me this sign for my studio - I'm so pleased with it - what do you think?  She can do one for you too . . . just ask her!

Sign - close up (right)

Sign - close up (left)

..... and quilts - oh, yes, there have been quilts, too!

This is a cute little panel quilt that Addies made up into kits - and I quilted it.  It's just too cute!

Cute Sailboad Quilt - from a panel

Sailboat quilt - close up of one section - fun to quilt!

and keeping with the nautical theme - here's Liz's Seascape quilt - made from Moda fabrics; Glide thread; Ebb and Flow panto - it was a big quilt! 

Liz's Seascapes - hanging in the studio - needed the ladder!

Liz's Seascape - close up

Bonnie picked up her modified "Snails Tails" quilt today - another big one!  Kansas Troubles fabrics;  Taro panto; So-fine top; Magna-glide bobbin

Bonnie's Big Snails Tails!

Bonnie's Snails Tails - another view

Bonnie's Snails Tails - hanging with Freeda

Bonnie's Snails Tails - backing close up - beautifully pieced backing!!

Close up

.... and then there's Julie's cute little baby quilt for her granddaughter.  Hearts and Daisies panto (Jodi Beamish); Glide thread
Julie's Baby Quilt - waiting for Freeda!
Julie's Quilt = close up of cute panto design!

I did manage to get to the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park this weekend - but Mother Nature was cranky on Saturday - so all the quilts had to be displayed indoors.  I didn't get pictures - but my friend Matt Sparrow took these ones on the Sunny Sunday and has graciously let me share with you.   The Wainwright Hotel is the focal point of the quilt show - don't they look spectacular!!!

I think Matt Sparrow quilted this one . . .

I have a few more quilts to go before I head on vacation . . . yes, again I'm heading off.  This time to Greece - I'll be back to attend Dawn Cavanaugh's classes at Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, and then ready to quilt my heart out all summer at the Little House.

Should get in one more post before I head over the pond . . . here's some more of the goodies I received from Heather . . . how lucky we are to have good friends!

Name tag!
Apron . . . I need to sew on a couple of pockets!

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Queenie Believe said...

The little moose calf is sooo cute! Poor little guy was probably scared to death until let free.
Lovely quilts!! Your new sign is great fun. Have a wonderful dream vacation.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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