Monday, 19 August 2013

Colourful Creations - and oh no, camera settings!!

Bright and splashy - everywhere there is colour these days!  The flowers are at their peak, the grass is green, sky is blue and the sun is bright!  Even my sweet peas are blooming - finally!  I suppose the next bit of colour will be the leaves changing - that's for another time.

Mardelle's Blue/Gold Star Quilt certainly is colourful, isn't it?  Freehand design in the blues for texture; light custom in stars - Glide thread

Mardelle's Colourful Stars

Mardelle's Colourful Stars close-up

Mardelle's colourful stars - close up

Mardelle's Colourful Star hangin' with Freeda

FORGIVE ME FOR THE PICTURES OF THESE FOLLOWING TWO QUILTS!  I WILL ASK MY CUSTOMER'S IF THEY'LL SEND ME PICTURES - AS THEY'VE BOTH HEADED HOME FOR BINDING!  (guess I better check the camera settings- this is what happens when I don't have my glasses on and I think I've set it to Auto - but have set it to Effects instead! CRAP - and that's really not a strong enough word!))

WOW - Betty's yellow/orange rail fence quilt is a stunner!  It turned out absolutely beautiful with the wool batting adding that definition to the quilting!  Betty loved it - it's a gift for her son and will be heading over to Germany!  Glide thread; Hobbs Wool batting; Waterworld panto

 Debra is a hand-quilter.  She made this quilt for her brother and just couldn't feel the "love" of the hand-quilting once she got started - so, she picked out all she had done, and brought it to me to get it finished so she could give it to him as a gift in a couple of weeks.  I love the way she arranged the fabrics colours to make it a flower meadow effect.  I quilted it with the Starburst panto; Superior So Fine thread.  The one piece back (Moda Kansas Troubles) was perfect - this quilt really could be reversible!

I was so happy with these two quilts - now just kicking myself!

Still doing more quilts for Quilting for Calgary - a massive job - but just a few more hard days and I'll have my contribution finished - it will be 18 quilts - that's as much as I can do and I know there are still more tops that need to be quilted.  The long arm community has really stepped up to the plate for this one . . . thank you to everyone who has been helping out with Quilting for Calgary. 

Here's one of four star quilts that Betty has pieced and donated -

and a soft brushed cotton quilt pieced and donated by Heather -

Beautiful job on both - and a pleasure to quilt!

Until next time  -

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Michelle said...

Actually, the effects photo of the star quilt is brilliant, and the quilting shows nicely. I know it's not the photo you were after, but it's a really neat effect.

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