Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Finally - summer weather is here!

It just happened - two days ago - summer has arrived in Southern Alberta . . . better late than never, I guess.  We live in a semi-arid climate zone, but you wouldn't know it this year - everything is so nice and green thanks to the seemingly endless cloudy and rainy days!  But hurray, the sun is shining and it looks like we might have a bit of a window to get the hay cut, dried and baled over the next week or so.  It was almost this time last year when the hail storm ruined the oat crop - this year we tried barley - keep your fingers crossed!

In the mean time, I've been steadily cranking out the quilts at the studio ....

Anyone remember this Thimbleberries BOM from years ago?  Guidel had this for a while - and now just wanted it quilted - you understand, one less thing on her to do list!  I quilted it using Wisteria panto (Urban Elementz) and Wonderfil Konfetti cotton thread top; Superior bottom line in the bobbin.  I have to say, I had a few problems with "pokies" in the backing - Guidel used a grey/black flannel back and the white batting really came through.  I'm thinking it was the poor weave of the backing fabric - but whatever the cause, she was happy with the end result and this quilt will actually get bound and on a bed before winter!

Guidel's Thimbleberries Bird House Quilt (well, half of it anyway)

Guidel's Bird House Quilt - close up

Hangin' with Freeda

Brenda put together this shop sample for Addie's - it's a great combination of colors, don't you think!  The fabric is the Wilderness Lodge fabric by Studio-E.  It's quilted using Taro panto; Glide thread

Wilderness Lodge - panel and borders

Wilderness Lodge  hangin' with Freeda

Wilderness Lodge - still hangin' with Freeda!  (and yes, that is an autumn wall hanging in the background!)

Maggie is an excellent piecer - as is evident in her Kansas Troubles sampler quilt.  This is going to be a gift for her brother.  Each square is quilted differently, leaves in the sashings, swirls and twists in the borders - I'm really partial to Kansas Troubles fabrics!

Maggie's Kansas Troubles Sampler

Maggie's Kansas Troubles Sampler - close up of appliqued block

You get a star if you can see the "mistake" in this block - my mistake that is!  Hint:  it's in the windows!

Maggie's Kansas Troubles Sampler - watching over Freeda!
The days are getting shorter and the evenings cooler . . . all signs that this short summer is coming to an close!  The hummingbirds are still here - we've put up their last feeder to get them bulked up for their long trip south.  They are usually gone by the 24th of August or so - and they're always back looking for us on by the long weekend in May!  ..... and, I just notices Autumn colours are sure the theme for this post - coincidence!

I've been busy quilting for "Quilts for Calgary" - once they are all done I'll post pictures for you!  There are some beautiful quilt tops that have been donated by such generous quilters.

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