Saturday, 14 June 2014

Quilts as gifts

Can you think of anything that says "congratulations", "way to go", "thinking of you" or "just because you are so special" better than a quilt?  Here are a few quilts that I have had the opportunity to quilt this past month that were made with that special someone in mind . . .

Lucy's daughter graduated from Nursing this spring - "Congratulations"!  Lucy's Crazy Quilt is made from a selection of fabrics with sentimental value - what a great gift for a graduate!

Glide Thread; Freehand Feather Swirls

Lucy's Crazy Quilt - hangin' with Freeda

Lucy's Crazy Quilt - Close up

Lucy's Crazy Quilt - Close up

Lucy's Crazy Quilt - backing

Gwen hasn't met the recipients of these baby quilts yet . . . actually, no one has . . . but I'm sure the little ones will be wrapped up nice and cozy in Gwen's flannel quilts - simple panels make great gifts!

Glide Thread; Hearts and Daisies panto

Hearts and Daisies

Hearts and Daisies - backing

Glide Thread; Freehand 3s and Es; meander in centre block

From little to really, really big!  Diane's son and daughter-in-law to be will be the lucky recipients of this quilt - variation of a log cabin block. 

This is the largest quilt I have ever had on Freeda - and really, couldn't go any bigger - it measured 114 x 124 inches - now that's a big quilt!  Diane told me her DIL to be helped pick out the fabrics, and likes things simple and crisp.  I quilted a freehand feather/swirl design and stitch in the ditch around the stars.  Diane will likely hand quilt either hearts or the couples initials in some of the star blocks - so special!  The wedding is next week - we got this one done just in time!

I have a couple of more quilts in my que that are for weddings - I know they'll be cherished!

BTW - it's been great having Freeda at home - I have to admit, quilting in my PJs and bare feet has a certain appeal!  The other day I quilted for a few hours, planted my flower beds (finally!), watched a movie and quilted a little bit more . . . . it works for me!  I'm working on a custom job right now - another super-sized . . . here's a peek . . . I think it will be finished just in time to take a picture with the lilacs in full bloom . . . believe it or not, the lilacs have not bloomed  at Water Valley yet!

Until next time - Happy Summer from the Little House!

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