Saturday, 28 June 2014

Custom designs - soooo much fun!

Custom quilting - what does that really mean anyway???  Well, to me, it means having permission to "play" with designs on a quilt top.  Actually, it really has more to do with customizing a design or design elements to fit with the elements in the pieced quilt top.  No matter . . . I had to opportunity to "customize" the two beautiful tops from Ruth.  What fun!

The first quilt was made from Ruth's stash - WOW!  It is a Dresden Plate design - made into sunflower blocks . . . Ruth had three extra sunflowers that she put in the border of the quilt.  The quilting consisted of Terry Twists in the pieced sashings, different fillers in each sunflower block and half sunflowers freehand quilted in the two outer borders.

Glide Thread; Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting

in progress . . .

Close up - Sunflower block

Sunflower Quilt hangin' out

Back of Sunflower Quilt - close up

Back of Sunflower Quilt - close up
Sunflower Quilt - backing
Don't you just love it!!!

Ruth's second quilt was just perfect for the lilac blooms! 

The fabric in this quit was actually pansies, not lilacs  .  .  . but the colors are the same, don't you think?

Glide thread; Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting

in progress

See those little red pins . . . . they remind me to pick out stitching that either I didn't like or isn't quite right . . . sometimes there are a lot of little red pins!!!  :)


Close up

Close up of quilting in border


Hangin' out at the farm

Ruth's quilt - backing
What can I say . . . I've been busy since returning from my trip to Turkey . . . yes, I went to Turkey!  Fabulous . . . and I'll be returning! 

For now - I remain quilting at the Little House!


Michelle said...

Love those sunflowers Bev, and the texture and definition on that quilt..just yummy

Crazy Creek Creations said...

Wow Bev - both quilts are gorgeous and your quilting is amazing! I can't pick a favorite, they're both GREAT!

Joy said...

What you did with the sunflower quilt is fantastic. What a treasure.

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