Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hot, hot, hot . . . .

Yes, it is hot, hot, hot here in Alberta!  I love the heat, but admit, am thankful that my long arm is in the basement where it stays nice and cool.  Funny, wasn't it just a few weeks ago we were all complaining about the cold and rain!  That's just how it is!  I would be happy to be outside - but then there is the other issue of mosquitoes . . . don't get me started!  They are just brutal this year, and for someone who doesn't like to OFF up, it makes it difficult to be outside. 

I've been busy with Freeda the last few weeks - and loving it! . . . a few pictures of quilts that have passed through the Little House this summer . . .

Kelly's Pinwheel quilt . . . love the colors!  We chose Wildflowers Panto and Glide Thread - Buttercup; Hobbs 80/20 batting

Kelly's Pinwheel Quilt hangin' with Freeda

Kelly's Pinwheel Quilt - close up

Kelly's quilt - backing

Kelly's Quilt - finished and out in the sun!

Ruth's quilt - well actually it's Ruth's friend's quilt.  When Ruth's friend, Bonnie, died, Bonnie's husband gave Ruth a box of Bonnie's quilting "stuff" - you know . . .we all have lots of those boxes.  Well, Ruth came across a Kaleidoscope top that Bonnie had pieced, but not quilted.  Ruth brought it to me, and we talked about what Bonnie might have wanted for the quilt - and chose feathers for the open spaces, and swirls in the Stack and Whack Kaleidoscope pieces.  Ruth wanted it to be lofty - so she brought me two layers of polyester batting . . . lots of loft there!  It turned out beautiful - and Ruth will be binding it and giving it back to Bonnie's family.  Every quilt has a story - I love this one!

Hangin' with Freeda

Ruth's quilt - close up

Ruth's quilt - Bead Board border and feathers


Bonnie's quilt - hangin' with Freeda

Lynne made this quilt for her daughter's wedding - she wanted it natural and earthy - so we chose "Come Dance with Me" panto; Glide thread; Hobbs Heirloom batting

Heather loves the modern look - this one is no exception!  Glide Thread; Raindrops panto; Hobbs 80/20 batting

Ursula's yet to be born grandchild will be the lucky recipient of a Dr. Seuss quilt - it's so cute!  I apologize for the quality of the photos - it really doesn't do it justice!  Freehand 3s and es and fills; Quilter's Dream 70/30 batting; Glide thread - bright gold and white

by the way . . . if you look back a few posts to Facing your Fears you'll see that "old quilting granny" flying 6000 ft above the Mediterranean off the south coast of Turkey!

Guidel's quilt - Rosie Panto; Hobbs 80/20 batting; Glide thread

Guidel's quilt - backing - love the way flannel shows off the quilting!

Another of Guidel's quilts - this one was pieced and in a box for over 20 years!!  There is one spot on it where her kids (now grown adults) have written on it - priceless!!!  Glide Thread; Falling Leaves panto

Whew . . . that's a lot of quilts!  Next post I'll show you the quilting process of another of Guidel's very special quilts . . . full on custom job - and it turned out fabulous!

Until next time . . . bzzzzz . . . . from the Little House  :)

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Cottage-Quilt´s Andrea said...

Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful quilts. I hope the mosquitoes do not get you. ;-)
Greetings from Germany Andrea

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