Saturday, 23 August 2014

catching up . . .

I've missed posting a few quilts that I've quilted for customers over the past few months - not intentional - just one of those things . . . they all deserve their time on my blog - so have a look.

Addies Creative Fabrics offers a "first Saturday" quilt.  You sign up and pay for your first block, then on the first Saturday of every month, you bring in your completed block, and receive the second block - for FREE!  If you keep up, every month you will receive a free block!  What a great deal!  Here is Rose's version of a first Saturday quilt  - done with Kansas Troubles fabrics, glide Thread; Pansies panto

Here's another quilt I found that hadn't been posted (!)   Joan made this top with a beautiful selection of batiks - it was a super-sized quilt!

This next one is Myrla's gorgeous Dresden Plate applique quilt.  The Dresden Plates are placed on the most beautiful gradient fabric - dark purple to lighter.  I quilted it all over with "swirl feather" design - switching thread color half way through.  Myrla suggested lighter thread on the dark, and darker thread on the light fabric - wow, what a great idea - it really worked!  I have always said that I wouldn't do an all-over design on an applique quilt - but there's a first time for everything - for this quilt, it is what Myrla wanted, and again, it worked!

I know there are others, but maybe I didn't take pictures???  I usually try to take at least one picture of each quilt that comes through the Little House, but sometimes if I'm in a hurry to get the quilt back to it's owner, I might not - but I try.

I've got a few quilts to finish off this next week - so there will be more from the Little House soon!

Quilt on! 

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