Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Happy Palliative Care Week!

This first week in May is dedicated to all the wonderful, intelligent, and caring individuals who dedicate their time to help ease the suffering for those patients and their families at the end-of-life.  They are an amazing group of people!  Each year, the Palliative and Hospice Care Service in Calgary hosts a Palliative Care Conference for health care professionals and volunteers - The Mary O'Connor Conference - to learn more about Mary, click here.  and, each year, I donate a quilt for raffle at the conference - it's a fundraiser, but also, I think a nice "take away" for the holder of the winning ticket!  This year, the quilt was an Elisa's Backporch Designs - Afternoon Delight . . . assorted Hoffman Batiks, Hobbs 80/20 batting, Bauhaus panto . . . 
Mary O'Connor Conference Raffle Quilt - 2015

I've had a few other quilts on Freeda this month . . . Rose made a Cowboy Quilt - also going for a fundraiser.  I love the Spirit of the West feel of the fabrics.  Hobbs 80/20 batting; Stars and Loops panto

Rose's quilt - backing
Rose also had a "First Saturday" quilt - I've done a few of these for different people.  Rose is taking this quilt to Germany as a hostess gift - how special is that!  Hobbs 80/20 batting; Dancing Daisies panto; Glide thread - Nickel

and finally for this post, is Tricia's gorgeous teal/aqua quilt for her granddaughter.  Last year, I quilted another one for Tricia - for her grandson (here) - they are twins and will both be receiving their quilts on their next birthday.  We decided on the Dragonfly Pond panto with a nice Teal thread - it fits this quilt perfectly - lots of Granny love going on here!

Tricia's quilt - backing
Next post, I'll show you a couple of custom projects I've been working on . . . it's been a busy month of April, to be sure! 

Until then - cheers to all the wonderful people involved with Palliative and Hospice care . . . you're truly some of the best - from the Little House.

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