Tuesday, 28 April 2015

..... and now on to 2015

It seems I had a few quilt tops waiting for me to get back to work! 

One of my first finished quilts was Myrla's beautiful Joannie Morrow quilt called Wisteria Medallion.  The fabric and piecing is very "busy" - so I quilted it with a simple modern panto - Bauhaus.  I think it worked!

Another amazing part of this quilt was the backing - old flour sacks - the quilting shows up well in the backing - Myrla does great work and it's a pleasure to quilt for her.

I've quilted a few quilts for Karen - here's a couple more.  Karen used a plush backing - I love the way the quilting stands out on the backing!  Karen's first quilt was a 25 patch - Glide thread; Diamonds are Forever panto

Karen's other quilt is a bright colored chain type quilt.  I pulled out the Dragonfly Pond panto - and perfect match! 

I also worked on one of my own quilts - the pattern was originally called Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend - but I changed the name of this quilt to Diamonds in the Sea.  I wanted to practice some cross-hatching, Stitchi in the Ditch and some ruler work.  I'm really pleased with the result - especially because this one is for me!!

The above picture was taken BEFORE and Stitch in the Ditch (SID) around this diamond  - and the picure below, is a similar diamond but after I've stitched in the ditch all the way around - see what a difference that makes in the finished look of the block.  I've been doing a lot of SID lately and plan on doing a lot more.  It's worth the extra time and effort (imho).

Diamonds in the Sea - backing

Diamonds in the Sea - finished

  I've been thinking of making it again - Diamonds in the Forest, Diamonds in the Snow, Diamonds in the Fall, Diamonds in the Flower Garden . . . the possibilities are endless - and I do have fabric that would be perfect!

More coming soon, from the Little House . . .

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