Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hot times in the Little House . . . . .

Hot times is right - and in more ways than one: 
  1. It's July, and summer really has arrived!  The temperature has reached the mid to high 20s for the past few days.   The flowers are luvin' it and so am I !  Looks like we might have a few big thunder clouds building in the Alberta sky - could be in for some excitement!
  2. Stampede starts tomorrow - always a good time in Old Cow Town (aka Calgary, Alberta - home of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth) . . . AND . . .
  3. . . . the hottest couple on the planet are here in Calgary - William and Kate!
  4. We had the grandkids here for a week - ages 3,2,and 1 - need I say more? !
  5. and, last, but not least, I have a couple more quilts to show off to you!
Here's a "Scrappy Stars" quilt by Stephanie.  I luv the way it came together - Stephanie chose the Pantograph "Japonica" by Keryn Emmerson; Glide thread.  

" Scrappy Hearts"

"Scrappy Hearts"

"Scrappy Hearts" close up - Japonica panto

"Scrappy Hearts" backing - a nice cozy flannel

Here's another on of Stephanie's quilts - "Purple/Gold Stars".  I really like the way it turned out!  Linda Taylor panto called "Peacock Meandering"; Glide thread.

"Purple/Gold Stars"

"Purple/Gold Stars" - close up  Peacock Meandering panto

"Purple/Gold Stars"

"Purple/Gold Stars" backing - another cozy flannel

 I have a few more quilts ready for Lenni, so I better get at it!  Stay tuned as more will be coming from the Little House very soon!  Take care and stay cool!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my quilts! Your quilting really enhances them. I can't wait to see what you do with the other quilts I have ( almost ) ready for you to quilt!

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