Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that . . .

Here's some photos of Judy's Sampler Quilt.  A "sampler" quilt  is constructed of a collection of blocks in different patterns, usually with no pattern repeated.  So, I armed myself with Deloa Jones' book "Sampler Solutions", my new favorite ruler - the Rope-a-dope, Deloa's Castle and Boomerang and jumped in!  Here's the result -

Cross hatching and Curved Cross Hatching


Judy's Sampler Quilt

This was quite a challenge for me - trying new ideas and techniques.  I had so much fun doing this - well, not the same kind of fun as my "girlfriend time" last week in London, Ontario - but you get the idea!   Let me know what you think . . . .  

Now that the creative juices were flowing, I challenged myself again with the wild colored quilt called "Mod Squad".  In keeping with the sixties theme of the fabric, I figured flowers and loops would be appropriate - and of course, freehand.  The bright "Glide" thread looks great against the black borders - one with a ribbon design - and the outer border in "piano keys".   Man, am I having fun, dude!!! 

Mod Squad - close up

Mod Squad - borders

Mod Squad
I wonder what Pete, Julie and Linc would think of this - if your old enough to remember ......   

....... until next time "peace, man" from the Little House . . .

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