Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Feathers All Over

No, I'm not plucking a chicken - where would we get our eggs??

Amy's cute little pastel quilt just needed feathers - so, feathers it got!  I used Deloa's Feathers All Over instructions as a guide, and just went for it freehand. . . so cool to do!  Superior So Fine thread sets the feathers perfectly!  Have a look . . .

Pastel Squares - Feathers All Over

What's this . . . the back!  It's reversible!!

Pastel Squares - Feathers All Over back

Pastel Squares - back close up

Pastel Squares - back

 We just had a thunder storm roll through Water Valley, and then the sun came shining through the window - I couldn't resist . . . . priceless!

Now what am I going to do with the rest of the feathers?????

. . . . until next time from the "Little House" . . . .


Suzan said...

WOW, great job, love it and think I will try this also; thanks

Crazy Creek Creations said...

I'm such a fan of feathers myself Bev and yours turned out gorgeous.

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