Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Construction and Cars 4 Kids . . .

Two different customers, two adorable quilts for little boys!

First up, Kim's Cars Quilt - made with a Cars panel, and racing flag borders!  I quilted this with swirls all over - Glide Thread top, Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Anyone want to go "tractor tipping"??? - (You have to have seen the movie!)
Kim's Cars Quilt

Kim's Cars Quilt

Kim's Cars Quilt - Swirls Close up

Next, Brenda made this awesome Construction quilt for her grandson - how cute is this???  Panels and the right border prints make  a great quilt!  Freehand swirls and loops were all this quilt needed to make it shine!  Glide "Marigold" thread top; Bottom Line in bobbin.

Construction Quilt for a special boy!

Construction Quilt - Close up

Construction quilt - what a great use of panels!!!

Both the quilts will be getting a lot of snuggle time!!! 

Have a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend, everyone . . . it's supposed to snow on Friday so pack you long johns in your camping gear  . . . or maybe a snuggly quilt !!!  It never fails!  Anyone going to Waterton????

BTW - the goose is still sitting on the bales, no goslings in sight yet . . . it's got to be soon, tho, don't you think??

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