Thursday, 10 May 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy . . ..

First of all - Happy Birthday - to Little House Creations!  It was one year ago today that I made my first blog post . . . and it's been a wonderful year of quilting!  I've met so many great people, seen amazing quilts from novice to expert . . . and have been enjoying every minute of it!

Secondly - Happy Palliative Care Week - to all my colleagues and friends who work in Hospice Palliative Care and those who have benifitted from being connected with Hospice Palliative Care  . . . I commend each and every one of you!  You make such a difference in people's lives . .. when they need it the most.

and of course last, but not least, this is National Nurses Week  - another group of individuals who work tirelessly for all of us . . .  thank you! Hug a Nurse!!!  ;)

In honour of all of the above, I made this quilt and donated it to the Mary O'Connor Palliative Education Conference that was held in Calgary today (May 10, 2012) - something that is very near and dear to my heart. 

"When Mary was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the fall of 2003, she chose to treat her end of life journey as “the greatest adventure of all”; she vowed that she would actively embrace whatever short time was left and would continue to help others to her last breath.  Her positive attitude in the face of death had a profound effect on all those she encountered, and her influence has lasted long after her death.  Mary considered herself well blessed to have the support of the palliative care workers in the Calgary Health Region, and wanted to help make the end of life journey better for others.  The Mary O’Connor Foundation is therefore delighted to support the annual Palliative Care Conference, so that others may find a way to embrace this “last great adventure” as well."

..... and so we raffle this quilt . . . in support of the Mary O'Connor Hospice and Palliative Care Conference . . . 

I hear that this is going to Lethbridge . . . . wonderful!!!!  Happy Palliative Care Week!!


Ardelle said...

Happy Birthday!
Love this quilt, the design is very intriguing! And loved hearing the story behind it...

Crazy Creek Creations said...

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and the story so inspirational Bev. The palliative care nurses and all nurses in general - you included, do so such a wonderful job (I don't know how you do it) - you all are true angels.

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