Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Goose is camera shy . . . .

The goose has made her nest on top of a pile of big straw bales at the end of our road.  She's built a comfy nest, and has a beautiful view over looking farmland and rolling hills, and then the majestic rockies in the background.  You know what they say . . . location, location, location.  Only problem is she's not all that far from a fairly busy highway, so when she moves the little ones to water, I sure hope she heads away from the highway!  When I went to take this picture, she was sitting up nice and straight, but as soon as the camera came out, she got shy.  I'm going to keep trying . . . .

Besides watching the wildlife, I've been busy with this beautiful brown and teal quilt that Karen made.  Fluffy Clouds panto; Glide thread top, Bottom Line in bobbin.

Teal and Brown Quilt - I happened to get this photo as the sun came up - before the rains started!

Teal and Brown - close up (Fluffy Clouds panto)

Teal and Browns

Karen did a beautiful job of piecing this quilt, and the colors are so rich!

I seemed to be having problems with my camera, so I had a good look at it - and wouldn't you know, somehow little finger prints got on the lens - no wonder the pictures were not looking so great!  I fixed that little problem, so hopefully, my next pictures will be much better. 

I realized this morning that it has almost been one year since my first post on this blog  . . . . so watch for my 1st Anniversary specials!  Every quilt deserves to be quilted - so if you've been thinking about it, maybe now is the time . . . . next post - Happy Anniversary to Little House!!

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