Friday, 12 October 2012

.... and here's one more wedding quilt - this time for the guests!

Weddings are each so different - kind of like quilts!  This quilt is going to be used in place of the guest book for Emma's wedding.  Emma will sew pockets on the front of the quilt, and each guest will leave a little "note" in one of the pockets . . .with advice, good wishes, blessings or whatever they like.  What a novel idea!

Emma pieced the top and wanted it quilted with roses, leaves and swirls.  I think I captured that . . . .

Emma's wedding quilt

Emma's Wedding Quilt - Roses, leaves and swirls

Emma's Wedding Quilt - "hang time|"

Today the Chinooks winds came, bringing warmer temperatures, but also blowing the leaves from the trees.  Soon, all the trees will be bare - and it will be time for the snow to cover the ground.  One of these years I may just have to trade in my sandals for ski boots . . . hahahaha  - I crack myself up!   That will never happen!


Marg McCulloch said...

I am with you there Bev! No boots for me til the snow covers my flip flops!

Ardelle said...

Love how you quilted it! You captured it very well!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful!! I love the quilting pattern you used.

Karen said...

Gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting. I think you met the quilting requirements perfectly. What a lovely idea for the wedding.
I have just found your site at Quilting Blogs and came over for a visit. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking back through your posts and seeing the quilts and your beautiful quilting.
I am also amazed that you had snow at the start of October! Good grief!
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

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