Thursday, 11 October 2012

Christmas in October!

I say Christmas in October for two reasons . . . the first one is that it snowed last night, the temperature was below freezing, and the wind was howling . . . making it feel more like December than October.  Good news is that I can see the good ole Chinook Arch building and the forecast is for + 17 degrees Celsius by Saturday.

The second reason for Christmas in October is this great sampler quilt that Gwen made for her daughter.  I love samplers because you can play around in each block like a whole new quilt.  I added holly leaves in the sashing, some ribbon designs in the inner borders, and beadboarding in the outer borders with holly leaves in the corners.  Gwen loved how it turned out - and so did I! (Glide thread, Quilter's Dream 70/30 batting)

Christmas Sampler - "hang time"

Christmas Sampler Block - close up

Christmas Sampler Block - close up (this block was a little 'poofy' so I had to give it some extra quilting to make it lay flat  . . . and it worked just fine!)

Christmas Sampler - more close ups

Christmas Sampler - close up

Christmas Sampler - sashings, inner borders, outer borders

Gwen is also expecting a grand-baby in the near future, so she put together this cute little flannel quilt for the new addition.  Freehand hearts and loops in the centre, hearts in the inner border and double bubbles in the outer border - Glide thread - Lemon Ice . . . so nice!

Flannel Baby Quilt - "hang time"

Flannel baby quilt - close up (I need to work on my corner transitions!)

Flannel baby quilt - back
JI'm looking forward to the warm weather coming in from the west - this weekend we get to go to our grandson's 3rd birthday party!  Wow, these kids get older fast . . . .  ! 

What's on your Christmas list?  I want a copy of Jian Gomeshi's new book (well, only book as far as I know) titled 1982.  So if anyone's looking for ideas . . . .

Don't forget - Little House Creations will be closed in 6 weeks  and re-opening for all your quilty pleasures on March 4, 2013.

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