Sunday, 8 December 2013

A splash of colour . . .

It's warming up a bit here - we should be around -8 degrees Celsius tomorrow, which is so much more comfortable than -29 . . . and, the sun is shining.  It's almost the Winter Solstice - just two more weeks and then the days start getting longer ------ I can't wait!  (can you tell I'm not a winter person!)

Here are a few colourful quilts I've had through the Little House over the past few weeks . . .

Becky's Twister Quilt . 

Becky's Twister Quilt - close up

Louise's Yellow/Greys . . . Flying Paisley's Panto; Glide thread

Louise's Quilt - Wonky Stars hanging in the background

Louise's Quilt - Backing close up

Lois's Golden Leaves - Falling Leaves Panto; Glide Thread Military Gold

Kristen's Butterfly Quilt Hangin' with Freeda

Kristen's Butterfly Quilt - Close Up - Spring Thing Panto; Glide Thread Teal

Megan's Baby Quilt -- Spring Fling Panto; Glide Thread Turf

Megan's Baby Quilt hangin' with Freeda

Megan's Baby Quilt - backing - love this!

Fran's Colourful Quilt - Rosie Panto; Aurifil Variegated Turquoise Thread

Fran's Coourful Quilt -  see the Swoon in the background . . . next post!

We have a renter coming to the studio tomorrow to work on her queen sized quilt - very ambitious!  It should be a fun day!

Hope you enjoyed the colourful quilts from the Little House!

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Andrea said...

holy moly Bev! You are a machine! Question on the Twister Quilt - did you ditch the pinwheels? I love how they pop with the quilting on the white background. Fantastic job!

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