Friday, 13 December 2013

Swooning . . .

Definition of "Swoon" . . .

  1. swoon

    1. 1.
      faint from extreme emotion.
      "I don't want a nurse who swoons at the sight of blood"


    1. 1.
      an occurrence of fainting.
      "her strength ebbed away and she fell into a swoo

Well, I guess I've fallen into a "swoon"  - I love these swoon quilts (it's kind of like a cult!) . . . if you google swoon quilts, you'll see what I mean - they are everywhere.  The pattern for swoon quilts is really very easy . . . HST, FG and squares . . . how easy is that!  AND, the blocks are 24" - huge!  Go to Thimble Blossoms to get the actual pattern.  Talk about instant gratification - you can order the pattern on line and get the pdf right in your mailbox - and you can get swooning right now! 

So, what does a swoon look like - here is Heather's.  I love the fabrics and colour choices!  I quilted it with a Baptist Fan panto - Glide Thread; Hobbs 80/20 batting . . .
Heather's Swoon Quilt - Baptist Fan Panto

Heather's Swoon

Swoon on Freeda . . . in  progress

I'm hooked - already have the fabric cut for my Swoon . . . I'll be piecing it this week when I go to Kimberley to spend some time with the grandkids (I hope they go to bed early!)  Here's the beginning . . . .

Start of my Swoon!
I've decided to go with 9 - 1/2 yard cuts instead of 18 fat quarters . . . we'll see how it goes!

aaaahhhh  . . . . Swoon!

I'll keep you posted on how my swoon is going at the Little House . . . it shouldn't be a problem to get it together this week.

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Crazy Creek Creations said...

I really like this one too Bev. I have too many things on the go right now but maybe I'll give it a go in the new year. Can't wait to see you're inished SWoon quilt.

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