Friday, 20 December 2013

Time for a Christmas break . . .

I took all my "swoon" pieces over to Kimberley last week with great hopes of spending some quality swoon time, but not to be . . . with playing with the grandkids, going to Christmas concerts (the pre-Ks and Ks were just awesome) AND forgetting to pack my sewing machine (!) - it just didn't get done!

I was busy right up til I left . . . as you can see . . .

Paulines Buzz Saw quilt - I tried to make spirals in the centres, and points on the buzz saw blades.  It wasn't perfect, but looks great - Pauline was happy and I'm sure her friend will be thrilled when he gets this gift!

Here is another one of Carolyn's beauties - another king sized quilt, too! Scrappy Hearts -  Perfectly square and a pleasure to quilt.  Glide thread; Antique Lace panto.  It's hard to tell the front from the back - she's an amazing quilter!

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts - back

Carolyn's Scrappy Hearts - close up

and then there's this beauty pieced by Tamara - her husband picked the fabrics - what an amazing combination of batiks!  Glide Thread Light Olive; free hand Swirl/Feather design

Tamara's Batik Circles

Tamara's Batik Circles - close up

Tamara's Batik Circles - hangin' with Freeda

...... and last for this post, Tara's beautiful little Hands and Hearts quilt.  Tara took her families hands, traced them on fabric, cut them out and raw edge appliqued to the quilt - in the shape of a heart!  How cute is that!!! This must be for someone very special.    Glide Thread; freehand design

A family of hands . . .

Tara's quilt - hands in a heart
I might have a few more pics to post before Christmas, but just in case - I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to all the beautiful quilts that will come my way in 2014.

Betty's Table Runner - close up

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