Thursday, 6 July 2017

Well, hello again!

Hi again - my blog kind of got sidetracked over the past year.  I have still been quilting, and working, and travelling . . . but the blog sure didn't get updated.  But, I'm back, and hope to keep up with my quilting journey from now on.

Swoon  - if you look back to   here    , I started my Swoon Quilt - a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelly in 2013.  Here's how it looked before quilting . . .

.... I drew a few designs on it, but as always happened, once I actually started quilting, I changed my mind . . .

and then I finally got it on Freeda to get it quilted.  I used two layers of batting to give the quilting some extra definition - Hobbs 80/20 with Hobbs Tuscany Wool on top.  It made it pretty thick, but wow, did it show off the quilting! Superior So Fine Thread

Top Border

Working my way down - feathers, lines and continuous curves

Curved Cross Hatching between the Swoon Blocks

Finally at the bottom border

...... and done

I ended up donating this quilt to a Silent Auction Fundraiser - and it came in at $1300!!!  WOW!!! 

My goal is to update this blog every day until I'm caught up - I've got lots of customer quilts to show you - and lots of custom quilting!

I moved from the farm this spring to the small town of Carstairs - not really very far away.  I've got an awesome studio space that I'll share with you one of these days . . . It's very hot here in Southern Alberta this week - the Stampede starts tomorrow so that means summer is in full swing.

Until next time - "Yahoo" from the Little House.

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