Thursday, 20 July 2017

WOW! Urban Owl wool applique quilt

I was on a roll with applique quilts this spring - this one was just stunning - the piecing, again, just perfection.  I have such great customers!

Urban Owl - a Wendy Williams design.  Glenna pieced this amazing, fun, colorful quilt!

There are so many great fabrics and colours here - the flowers, cats and owls are wool applique.  I outlined all the applique pieces, and did quite a bit of SID in the other blocks and then used different fills to finish it off . . .  have a look. (I know there's a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't help myself!)  Hobbs 80/20 batting; Glide thread.

Urban Owls - before quilting

Urban Owls - starting on the top edge

Urban Owls

Urban Owls - "under the needle"

Urban Owls - Flying Geese

Urban Owls - starburst

Urban Owls

Urban Owls - bottom border

Urban Owls - centre wool applique flowers

Urban Owls

Urban Owls - hanging with Freeda

Urban Owls - complete

Urban Owls

Such a fun quilt - thanks, Glenna, for trusting me to quilt it for you!

The Calgary Stampede is over for another year . . . but look what I have to remember it by . . . next post "Autumn Celebration"!

Until next time - "YAHOO" from the Little House.


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