Monday, 24 July 2017

That's a first . . . well, actually second ;)

Well, who knew . . . I finally got up the courage to enter a quilt for judging - the Calgary Stampede Arts and Crafts competition  .  .  . and it got a second place ribbon in its category!  I'm flattered!!!

This particular quilt was my second attempt at the Taos pattern by Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs.  The first time I made it was more a "dry run" as I knew this was going to be a challenging piece and I wanted to get it just right.  To see the first version, click here - that was back in 2012!!

When I decided to make it again, it was for my daughter's wedding gift - that wedding was in 2014 - so you see, I am always a bit behind!!  Anyway, I did my best to make sure all the points matched -

and then took a long time to decide on the quilting .... lots of pictures to follow!

Autumn Celebration - back

Autumn Celebration - back

Autumn Celebration - back

I didn't get a picture of it hanging at the Stampede - but here was the result -

The judges comments were to "watch my starts and stops" (I know, I'm lazy about that) and that maybe if the border was bigger ....(not sure about that one) - all in all a worthwhile challenge and I really, really am flattered!

The lazy hazy days of summer are upon us - but I have found time to tackle a few of my own quilt tops that have been hanging around for a long time now . . . until next time - Happy Quilting from the Little House.

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