Tuesday, 20 March 2012

..... have a sample . . . .

Today is officially the first day of Spring but I always wait until I see a robin on the lawn - and the gophers on the road - then I'll know it's for real!

Here is Keltie's Sampler Quilt - it is going to look stunning in her beautiful post and beam home!  It looks like a Christmas quilt - but really, it's more of a country style quilt - perfect for Keltie's decor.

Warm & Natural batting; Superior So Fine top; Bottom Line bobbin - free hand in all the blocks and both borders. 

The outer borders are freehand teardrops, the inner border ls and es, and each block has a little something different - samplers are always great as each block is like its own little quilt! (I may have heard that from Deloa Jones) 

Keltie's Sampler

One Block of Keltie's Sampler - close up

One block of Keltie's Sampler - close up

Keltie's Sampler

My thought for the day:

Theodore Roosevelt said - The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.

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